Thursday, December 11, 2008

These are the days we will remember!

You don't have to know me for very long to know this about me 1. I love great jeans paired with a cute heel. 2. I have to have all my silverware organized in the dishwasher (yes it does matter if a spoon gets washed with a fork!) (lol) 3. I DESPISE cold weather.....

So I got to thinking about it today. Lord why did you make there be a cold season. I mean when you walk out to a store and the wind cuts through you like a knife that isn't fun to me. When your toes have been so cold all day they feel like they could snap fun!

(this is my sis in her coat)

To make things worse about cold is I don't like COATS! I know they keep you warm and blah blah blah....This is what I don't like about coats. You wear them for like 2 minutes till you get into where ever you were going in the first place. Then you have to take off the coat because you are burning up, cuz it is warm where you just went into. You sure don't want to be the crazy lady wearing her "PARKA" through the store! So know your kids are hot in their coats so you are carrying your coat (which is big) their coats and trying to keep up with them in the store! CRAZY!

So all of this said you are probably why I am seriously writing a blog about cold weather and coats.....

Back to me talking to the Lord....about why do we have cold weather. All of a sudden it hits me I know why! We have cold weather so families can be bonded! All summer long we have all kinds of activities that keep us so busy. We work in our yards, take family vacations, then their are ball teams, and summer camps for kids. All of these things keep us on the run.

When it gets cold we all gather at each other's homes, eat good food, and make lots of memories. I have spent so much time with family in the last week it is so great! Winter and cold is a time for us to slow down and just enjoy each other. It is so special!

I encourage you to take advantage of this cold weather! Spend a day at home with your kids! Stay in your pajamas all day long, tickle them till they can't laugh any more, cuddle with your hubby while watching movies, then share memories with a friend over a cup of coffee, and have your mom over for some dessert! This is what I have been doing this week, and how precious it has been!

When you think back to your childhood memories these are the days that you remember. These are the times that you never forget. Let's make it special for our children and for each other!

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Cali Girl said...

so sweet and special. thank you!