Friday, December 19, 2008


Wow so this week has been so crazy busy for me! There has been so much to do before Christmas. Last minute shopping, Christmas parties to go to, and lots of baking to be done! I have been one busy Chik ;)

I had to share some of what happened this week with you all. I like most of Americans had to go to Wal Mart this week nothing really eventful really just a usual thing for me. So I am coming in and trying to take the coats off of my babies while they ask for other various items. I then am trying to get my list out of my purse. This is where the story gets funny.

This is a grocer cart. Never really thought of it to be a weapon or something that could be used to inflict pain upon somebody right?

This is an elderly lady (picture is not the real lady in story) lol Never really thought of it to be someone that could use a weapon or would inflict pain upon someone right?
So back to where I was.....trying to get kids nestled in for a long Christmas shopping trip. I keep getting pushed in my back side with a buggy. I ignore it the first second third times....then finally I realize someone is hitting me with a buggy. Why would someone do this I thought as I am getting hit again. Then I look behind me and there is this little sweet elderly lady ramming me with a buggy.
I then so kindly ask "Why would you hit me with a buggy"
Lady: "I was wondering when you were going to move"
Me: "Well I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!"
I then joyfully push my buggy down the way.
Christmas time is so sad how people loose focus on what the holiday is all about. It isn't about getting everything done. Not about having presents, the best cake or even the best decorated house. Sometimes I think we loose track that this day is all about God sending Jesus to us. What love that is. There was such love that was shown that day when God sent Jesus to dwell among us to only die for us to have what we never deserved.
But somehow we become that little old lady ramming people with buggies because we are so busy. That same shopping trip I helped an elderly man get his groceries. The smile on his face warmed my heart. I thought this is what Christmas is all about. It is about sharing the love with people that we have on the inside of us. That is Jesus; that is what Christmas is. I thought I would tell you that to just encourage you not to be so Holiday driven.
Take time to have a cup of hot chocolate and watch Charlie Brown Christmas with the kids. Help somebody in need at the store. Give something to someone less fortunate than you. Spread that love that you have inside of you! Blessings to all of you! I will post on Monday about other things that happened this week!
Crystal Sparks


Cali Girl said...

what a beautiful post. thank you!

aren't old people something else? :o)

delighted heart said...

You didn't recognize me! That was me with the buggy! LOL No, not really....but I have been known to run into people in Walmart...usually I'm looking the other way but sometimes intenionally! Great post!