Sunday, December 7, 2008

No condemnation!

Romans 8:1
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,[a] 2because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.

Wow how many times have I heard this passage preached? Too many times to count really. God really has been revealing things to me about this text.

First thing I want to point out what is the "law"? Us country folk always calls the law meaning the Not in this text the law is the Ten Commandments. The original purpose of the Ten commandments was to show the people that they were unable to be perfect. That they could not measure up to God. Everything they did was based on works. If they were good and kept God's commandments they were blessed. If they didn't then judgement came. There had to be a sacrifice made when sin happened to keep them "clean".

Now because of Jesus we don't have to kill a fatted calf every time we do something wrong because Jesus' blood was enough for us all.

So why does all of that have to do with there is therefore no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus? Glad you asked!

You see we still think that God's love for us is performance based. When His love for us is solely on Jesus, because of the blood of Jesus God loves us unconditionally! There is no end to God's love for us. For some reason we think that when we do wrong God doesn't accept us. This is why people that stray away from God have such a hard time getting back into the church they feel unworthy and that God is disappointed with them.

I have learned in life it is easy to feel good about your relationship with God when your husband and you are getting along, money is good, kids are good, everything is going your way. When things start going south and you have a few sin issues pop up it is really hard to get around that the same God that loved us in the good times is there with us in the hard times. For some reason when we mess up we think that we have to make it up to God by doing things or we hide because we are ashamed of what we did.

The enemy wants to constantly tell us all of the things that we do wrong. How we miss the mark. How we aren't worthy of the love of God. How can you minister to people when you have problems yourself? I love that it says there is therefor NO condemnation! That means if you start to feel down on yourself that is the Devil whispering in your ear not God! When we entertain those thoughts we are going to the other team and agreeing with the enemy! We should be saying what God says about us! The only reason why I am ok is because of Jesus. Solely because of that is why no matter what I do God has already forgiven me and I am always on God's good side.

That is the good news of Grace! It is not about what I do but what Jesus did! I can never do enough to maintain my salvation! That is why Jesus had to come!

I just want to encourage you ladies! There is nothing wrong that you have problems and issues. Everyone does! All you need to do is cry out to God let Him know that you can not do it without His grace. Start looking to God as being strong enough to get you through any addiction, obstacle or problem not to your ability to get through it. Just accept the fact that He will get you through everything in life. When you do that you line yourself up for the blessings of God to flow through your life!

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Crystal Sparks

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oh girl....that is awesome..Woo to the who! It gets me fired up! I love you bff!