Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The book of Acts

I have been reading the book of Acts for the last week or so. How amazing that book in the Bible is!!! The things that happened as the traveled and went is so miraculous! So in saying that it gets me to thinking about my daily life. Think about your daily life.....

When is the last time you saw something truly miraculous?

I can honestly say that there is a lot of stuff in the book of Acts that took place that I have yet to see. I know one day I will though....

You know God's power is still alive in the Earth today. The only thing that is stoping you from seeing it is well.....you! We can see those things. The problem is that we think that those things don't happen anymore. Let's face it you don't see many people that are crippled stand up and walk everyday right? So it is sometimes so hard for us to get our minds wrapped around such a thing. The truth though is this.....That is what God wants us to be seeing all of the time.

I challenge you all to read the book of Acts. All the while asking yourself....Do I just play church on Sunday mornings or is this something that I live daily? Have I given God everything or do I just do my time Sunday morning?

I can say this when you start giving God everything in your life that is when the miracles break forth in your life! That is when the book of Acts will begin to unfold in your life!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What do you think?

I think there are things all the time going on around us in the spiritual......Check out this story about a man that was addicted to drugs. In a picture you can see a demonic dog looking over his shoulder.....what do you think? Leave comments I want to hear your imput.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

K-3 Graduations, road trips, new members to our family, lake, and good times!

Well I have missed all of you! Things have been so busy around here! There has been so much going on! I took pictures a long the way though knowing that I wanted to let all of you in on what I have been up to!

For starters Brailey graduated for her K-3 program at her school....she is very excited mommy was a little teary.

Do you see my little baby up there??

Once again Brailey loves pictures.....Rylan not so much.

This was at her after graduation party!

We got two new members to our family two goldfish. One named Henry (my son's) and Little Miss. Sunshine (my daughter's).

This is bear asleep in the car holding the bag with his fish.

Brailey was so excited to get Little Miss Sunshine home!!

All of my family always goes to the lake on Memorial day weekend. So off we went to the lake to spend time with the family! There is nothing like getting away from everything for a while and just enjoying nature and your children!

Brailey will never pass up a chance to have her picture taken. Bear on the other hand didn't want his picture taken that day!

Then it was off to Bryan's hometown for his cousin's high school graduation! No trip to the farm would be complete with out hay rides, Popsicles and rides around to see all of the animals!

This is Rylan and my nephew Ian.

Rylan and Aunt Brenda

Ian eating his Popsicle!

My beautiful sister in law and her daughter Zoe and Ian.

So that has been my last two weeks! It has been fast and furious. Brailey's 4th birthday was yesterday and it was wonderful! We are having her party on Saturday and she is super excited! I hope all of your summer's are off to a great start mine sure is!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Drumroll please............

After an intense drawing we have a winner and it is......

My sweet friend Liz. Her blog is amazing! She can make any picture of anything look absolutely stunning! She is such a wonderful blogging friend! I encourage all of you to go check her out here! I promise she will be on your favorite blog places to go after your first visit!

Congrats Liz!

So now that we have a winner it is back to blogging for me! There is so much I want to tell you girls about!!