Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where did summer go?

I remember when I was young...it seemed as though when I was in school that summer would never get there and when summer was upon me it seemed like I would never go back to school to see all my friends. I got to thinking it is almost August. This summer has flown by...
Before long girls we will be back to getting kids off to school. Set bed times, mornings filled with busyness trying to get everyone and everything together before they go to school. So I got to thinking where did the summer go? I thought I would share where mine went!

My daughter turned 4. She is wondering if it is time for her to get married, and if it is who is she going to marry. Most importantly when will she get to have her first baby? She really wants to know these things. As you can tell she is my 100% girly girl (look out you get what you pray for when you say you want a REALLY GIRLY GIRL! God takes this serious I found out ;) )

My baby boy turned three, or as he says "Mom, I am taking it to three". This summer was filled with adventure for Rylan. From hunting down bugs in the backyard, to trying to scale our fence, to peeing out in our backyard as all the neighbors drove by and watched on their way to work in the morning. Rylan is starting his K-3 school here in just a few short weeks. It has made me realize how quickly they grow up......

My best friend (C.D. the one in the center) is getting married on September 12th so there has been lots of planning for her wedding and then there are showers and the dress and the invitations and the decor and the cake!!! Whew planning a wedding is a lot of work!

One of the most amazing things this summer has been getting to minister with Chiks like April Simons and Misty Westlund! There are a lot great things in life. One of the best is seeing women's lives changed! There is something so amazing about seeing women come in one way and then see them totally changed by the love of God when the leave! The above picture is with Mrs. April and myself at her Chik Nite at High Point Church in July.

Ohhhh now don't get me wrong I would be lieing if I acted like there wasn't any fun. There has been multiple trips to Starbucks, Chuck-E-Cheese, pool with the kids, Six Flags with all the family and lots of time spent with tickling sessions on our living room floor.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the end of the day..........

At the end of the day what doesn't matter is............

If all the dishes got done. The house being clean doesn't really matter. How many phone calls you missed. If your cookies you brought to the church pot-bless were home made or store bought. If there are weeds in the flower beds. If the kids had their outfits just so so or if they got a little dirty. How many hours you worked at the office. If the line at Wal-Mart took 10 minutes or if it took 15. If you caught the red light. If the lady that you met the other day really likes you or if she is just pretending.

At the end of the day what does matter is..........

If you spent lots of time hugging and kissing your babies. Time spent on the couch cuddeling instead of weeding the flower beds. Getting away with your husband to realize how wonderful he is. Knowing that your home is a place of peace and love. Making someone feel special. Going to bed knowing that those around you know they are loved. Realizing that you have a Savior that is watching over you. Touching one persons life for the better. Taking time to pray with your children, then to have them ask you later on in the day when things are crazy to just pray to make it all better.

I think so many times at the end of the day so little really matters. The Lord has been showing me more and more if we spent time on the things that really do matter at the end of the day instead of all the other stuff how much better our life would be. Think about it. What are the things that truly matter at the end of the day for you?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Digging to China

When I was a little girl every day in the summer you would find me in my back yard with a spoon. I would start digging everyday and work as long as I could. I was digging a hole to China. You are probably laughing right now. I was totally convinced that if I dug long enough and hard enough I would eventually be looking down on the people of China.

My mom tried to tell me time and time again that you can't dig to China. Everyday I thought "Today is going to be the day that I dig a little further and see the people walking on the streets in China and she will see that you really can dig to China".

The Lord brought this to my mind the other day.......

How simple our faith is in things when we are young. You see all of the facts said that you can't dig to China. The world is round after all. Even if it wasn't could you really dig to China with plain old dinner silver wear? Even if I did dig to China how would I get to the ground to see the people?

Somewhere in life we get bogged down by all the details to tell us if something is really possible or not. When God doesn't want us to look at the facts He just wants us to look at the word to tell us what we can do.

You see when you start believing God for something big. Whatever your China might be there will be facts that say it is impossible. There will be people that tell you that it is impossible. You might not even have what you need to get to your China.

The good news is God knows how to get you to your China He has a perfect plan (Jeremiah 29:11) All you have to do is trust His word and He will get you what you need to get there and see you through. So weather it is healing, finances, a relationship, dreams in your heart or whatever is your "China" I encourage you to get God's word on it and don't worry about the facts or what other say! You just go for it and see what God does in the process!

I love you guys have a wonderful day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I twitter do you??? I just started so if you twitter also I would love to have you follow me :) So you can find me!! I really like twitter the best out of everything I have done such as myspace or facebook. So find me on twitter if you tweet! crystalsparks is my display name. Look forward to seeing you in twitter world!