Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All means all....

In the English language one of the smallest words yet the most powerful is all. Where does all begin and where does it end? It means so much yet it is one word that we usually look over when we are reading our Bible.

Casting the whole of your care (all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all) on Him for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully. -1Peter 5:7


All means all. You were never made to worry about life and what is happening in our world today. With our government economy and society the way it is today you can watch the news for just a short time and begin to worry about where the world is headed. There is a statistic that says around 50-60% of people laying in hospitals everywhere are there because of worry.

For some reason we get in our head that through us worrying and thinking about something constantly that we will somehow use our will to change something. You can spend days trying to make something happen through your thoughts and actions that God can change in one instant.

Sometimes our mind will go endlessly around a problem trying to find a solution. When you begin to feel stress and frustration you have taken the situation out of God's hands and you are now trying to fix it on your own. If God knows all then He knows your beginning and your end. Then that means He knows your middle too! You are no surprise to God. He knows all there is to know about you. He knows the number of hairs on your head. Then He also knows the problems you are facing and can conquer them!

We say that we give God control of all our life, but in actuality we only give him the areas we feel as though are going good. The areas in our life like children, marriage, finances, etc. we spend countless hours stressing about.

I wonder sometimes how many hours we waste on worrying about things. Each hour is one that we can never get back one that is a gift from God that we can do anything we want with. Why waste it stressing over your problems. Who is bigger God or your problems? If God is bigger meditate on His word about your situation instead of replaying the problem through your head.

Inside of you is the greatest power that ever existed. The same power that raised Christ from the dead dwells inside of you and you are worried about an electric bill being paid? Think about it....

Jesus didn't give us power to just shout a Hallelujah in church and go about our day. You have power inside of you to make the impossible possible, or there is the other alternative you can just keep trying to fix it on your own....

All means all....Do you give Jesus your all? It is easier said then done. However it is the one thing we do that will bring forth the most fruit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let your WE rise up!

I was reading my Bible in John 3 1-21 this morning. This is the story about Jesus and Nicodemus talking about being born of the spirit. For those of you that don't know Nicodemus is trying to understand spiritual things with his natural mind which is impossible to do this. He is trying to comprehend how one can truly be borne again.

verse 11 is what spoke to me:

I assure you most solemnly I tell you, we speak only of what we know (we know absolutely what we are talking about); we have actually seen what we are testifying to (we were eyewitnesses of it). And still you do not receive our testimony (you reject and refuse our evidence-that of myself and of all those who are born of the Spirit).

Think about Jesus goes from talking about what He thought up until this point, and the rest of the text Jesus only talks about Himself as singular. This one verse He speaks of Himself plural....

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me....Nicodemus was going through his life singular all a lone trying to figure things out by himself. All he had is what he could see touch, feel, and what the facts were that were given to him from his education. A lot of people go through life living a singular you life. They think they are going through things and that God put them down here to figure it out on there own.

The Holy Spirit spoke in my heart when you become a believer you are no longer a you---you become a WE. There becomes a WE that is inside of you that is bigger than any obstacle, trail, death, job loss, death or any thing that can come your way. That no matter what the outside situation says the inside WE in you changes you from a singular being that was once left to figure things out on your own to something that is so powerful. So powerful that the WE inside of you can conquer anything any YOU can send our way any day of the week.

You see as Jesus spoke to Nicodemus here He said "we know absolutely what we are talking about we have actually seen what we are testifying to''. All this time Jesus was telling Nicodemus His point of view, until the WE inside of Him had to speak up and let Nicodemus know that the WE knew that God was so real.

You see you may have problems today. Things may be so hard and you might be at the end of your rope wondering how you can make it another day. Jesus wants you to know something. That the voice that spoke the world into existence is inside of you. The power that opened blind eyes is inside of you. The healer of the broken hearted is within you. The one who parted the Red Sea and brought manna is right in you this moment. The WE inside of you needs to rise up!!!!

You are no longer just a you (singular) everywhere you go---you have been made a WE(plural). Never again do you have to fight life a lone! Greater is HE that is inside of YOU then he that is in the world!!!!