Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dream BIG

I believe in life there is absolutely no such thing as "luck". What happens in life is when preparation meets opportunity. That is what I think luck is. It isn't by chance that things happen. There is lots and lots of preparation that goes behind the moment that you see your dreams happen. All along God is working to make those things happen. When you are being faithful right where you are then God is moving behind the scenes making your dreams come true.

My dream is to one day preach all around the world to thousands of ladies. I know that one day God will open the door for me to do so. When I worship I close my eyes and picture them all standing behind me worshiping. When I step up on stage to preach I may just see 100-150 people but in the spiritual I see this.................

I have seen it so many times in my heart that this picture is so real to me. I know that this is my destiny. I know that one day tons of people like this is something that will happen.

I encourage each of you to go for your dreams. Realize that God has planted each of us with UNLIMITED potential. You know the only difference between people that see their dreams come true and those that don't? The difference is the ones that quit and those that don't.

I don't know about you, but I refuse to quit. I am not giving up never.

I always think of Joseph. He didn't know the week before his dream was going to come to pass. He didn't know the day before. He didn't know ten minutes before they would come get him to promote him above all the land.

I think so many times we see people doing what we know we are called to do. We don't see the years of faith fullness it takes to get that person to that point in their life.

Like Joyce Meyer. She served for years in her local church doing small Bible studies in her home before she preached to thousands. She was taking steps to her dreams even back then.

Same with Joseph he was taking steps to being over all the land when he was in prison. You see you just never give up you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Never give up!

Joyce Meyer always says "Quit waiting for your dreams to come to pass. Act like you are already living where you want to be. When you start doing that, that is when God starts making things happening on your behalf."

Isn't that so good?

So girls lets start dreaming big, and making steps toward it. Don't let anyone tell you it is too big. Don't let anyone tell you it won't happen. You just keep doing what is in your heart. All of that preparation will eventually meet that opportunity!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seed time!

This is Bonnie
She is amazing. She has been in our youth since she was 12 she is going to graduate here in just a few weeks. She has been praying for 2 things for the last year
1. That all of her college tuition would be paid for.
2. That she would get a paid for car by graduation.

She just recently found out that she would never have to pay college tuition to Oral Roberts University that all $75,000 was paid for!! We were so excited.

So I was worshiping the Lord the other day and was praying for Bonnie. I was thanking God that whoever was supposed to get her a car would be obedient and listen to the Lord.

I heard the Lord speak to me....

"You are supposed to get her the car."

I was shocked.....ME???

I said "Sure God, but you have to talk to my husband."

So Sunday afternoon after church we were all sitting around the kitchen table just talking. I made a comment about how proud I am of Bonnie. Bryan then asks "What is she going to do about not having a car when she goes to school?"
I told him "I don't know, but she is believing God for one."
He stops what he was doing looks at me and says "Let's buy her a car Crystal." I knew it was the Lord. He then tells me that the Lord told him just a few days before to buy Bonnie a car.
So tonight at youth group we gave Bonnie her first car. The look on her face as Bryan and I stood by each other and told her will forever be in my mind. I am so thankful that I got to be a vessel of God's blessings. I will never forget that moment.
The word says in Psalms that everything in the world is the Lords. Bryan and I take that literally. We see our check books not with our names on the top, but Jesus' name. You see when you start seeing everything you have as God's that he is the owner and you are just managing it for him then that is when amazing miracles start breaking forth in your life.
Think about it. If your checkbook is Jesus' then it can't ever be in the red. You can't be a blessing to people if you can't even pay your bills. Jesus wouldn't operate that way. Nor should we.
Just a few weeks ago my husband came to me and told me that the Lord had told him to give a guy in our church $50.00. He also told me that the Lord told him that if he gave that $50 that the Lord would bring it back to us 100 fold. 4 days later we got a call that we just got a unexpected $7,000 a year raise!!! Praise God! You see when you are that vessel of blessing to other people then blessings can't help, but flow back in!
Why am I telling you this? I am telling you to give. Give when the Holy Spirit prompts your heart, and see what God does. I promise He will never leave you disappointed. Let God blow your mind! He does mine everyday. You will find that giving truly is better than receiving!

Friday, April 17, 2009

What every girl can't live without

I have been so curious what every woman can't live without???

What is it that you use everyday that makes your life a little bit better that you can't do without?

Here are some of mine:

1. Journal & Bible- I love writing notes, because I am forgetful. Bible because you never know when you might need the word!

2. Victoria's Secret lip gloss! I am so addicted to this stuff it isn't even funny. I have two tubes in my purse and will always have one in my car at all times!

3. Sunglasses. When I don't have a pair on me I feel so lost.

4. A super huge purse. I love big purses. LOVE THEM! Every woman needs one!

5. A BIG coffee cup. A thick one at that. I don't like the ones that burn your hand. I like the ones from Starbucks best because they keep your hands nice and warm.

5. Hairspray. Every girl needs this for sure!! I love love love hairspray. Bryan always says that I single handedly kill the ozone layer.

6. Jewelry. I usually don't wear bracelet earrings and necklace in one outfit. But I do usually wear two off the list. Of course I don't leave home with out my wedding ring on!!

7. Hand sanitizer. I love this stuff. Even my kids when we are in public love bypassing the sinks to just sanitize with "mommy's stuff".

8. Worship CD. I love good worship music. There is something about just praising the Lord during your day that just can change your life.

9. Clocks of some kind. I go nuts if I don't know the time. Most of the time the clock is my cell phone but there are times that I don't have that so. Clocks are all through out my house so I can know what time it is.

10. Crest whitening mouth wash. I truly believe I am in love with this stuff. There is something about the taste of it that just keeps me coming back for more!!! I love the stuff. My hubby thinks it is a gross taste. I on the other hand think it is so stinking yummy!!

So I need to well I GOT TO know what is it that you girls can't live without. Don't list like your car or your phone or your laptop. Somethings in life are the little things that make your life so much more wonderful. What are the little things that are around you each day that make your life great?? I can't wait to find out!!

Love you Chiks~
Crystal Sparks

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just the things I think about in a day.......

Cotton balls....I hate those things there is something about them that just touching them makes my skin crawl. Just thinking about them makes me grit my teeth! Yuck!

Things I think about....Why is there cotton inside a new bottle of medicine? What does it do up there? Why are there Q-tips what are their purpose? My doctor the other day told me "Do not put a Q-tip in your ear!" So what in the world is their purpose then???

Why does a Rooster have the thing under its beak? What does that thing really do?
Why can I tell you where every necklace that I own is, but I can't tell you where half of the earings are that I own.
Where do bobby pins go? You can buy a 100 pack and in a month or so they are all gone and you have to buy more. You would think 100 would last a lifetime...not so!

(This is our dog Maggie)

Why do they say that a dog says "BOW WOW". Very not true I have never heard a dog say bow wow have you? What in the world makes all dogs love to dig?

Fashion-Who are the "they"? When people say "Well you know that they say that this spring this or that is in style". Who is they? Where do they live??

Sour cream and buttermilk. Aren't they already sour to begin with? Aren't they just sour stuff marketed as something else. So then isn't it already expired when they sell it then? So why does it have an experation date?

Why is it that you put two socks in a dryer, but only one makes it out?
Why is it I am 25 years old and I still can't remember to zip my pants after going to the bathroom??? Lol opps did I just say that???
Why is it you can have a closet full of clothes yet you still can't find anything to wear?
Why do men have this weird smell when the sleep? I mean really both my husband and my son have "the stink" when they sleep.
Where do those hundreds of birds come from every year that take over Wal-Mart parking lot? More importantly why do they always flock to my mom's car?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy busy week!!!

So things last week were really crazy. Isn't it funny how just adding a few things in your week can make things kinda go nuts??
Well for those of you wondering....Yes I am still on my live it! Mercy that thing leaves me starving. So when hubby is gone I have to make a little peanut butter pie with my best friend! Or have some yummy ice cream! You know a girl still needs a little sweet right?? I know you aren't supposed to have sweets on a diet. BUT I am not on a diet I am on a live it. So I get to make up my own rules for the live it. Rule #1 is I still get sweets!!
So Sunday we had a BIG Easter service. There was a lot to do as when you are in ministry Easter Sunday is a HUGE deal. So there was a lot of work to make Sunday a success and boy was it! We had a total of 209 people there this Sunday. Seeing as how at the first of the year we had around 90 pretty stead to know 209 that is a big deal!!! We had a Easter Egg Hunt with 1,500 eggs and 5 bikes to be won. Our children's church pastors did a great job with that! Everyone that came had a blast! There is nothing like seeing kids squeel with joy while hunting eggs and bouncing in a bounce house. It really did make my heart smile.
So after I locked the door to the church Sunday around 3 p.m. I looked at my kids who were at that point very done with mommy working so much. My son was so sleepy he could barely hold his eyes open. I load them up and go home. I put Rylan down in his bed for a nap. Since hubby was there I looked over at Brailey and asked her if she wanted to do something fun with mommy. She screams YES!!!
So we load up and go see the Hannah Montana movie. It really was a super cute movie. I really did like it....and Brailey.......She loved it! She was squeeling the whole way through!

It is always nice to get that one on one time with your babies!

I always try to make it a point to get each one of my kids a lone and have one on one time with them. There is something so special about doing that with them. That way you can just love kiss and hug all over them and not worry what the other one that isn't in your arms is doing.

So that was our Easter Sunday. How was yours?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Did some one say work out???

I know what you are thinking!!! Crystal why do you start off a blog with a picture like this? Today we are starting not a diet but a live it!! I hate the word diet it just sounds bad.....but a live it that sounds fun.....right?
So I know that in now way do I resemble this girl in the above picture. I remember the days though....You know before you had two kids. That I could go somewhere in my bathing suite and not want to just stay in my clothes. I mean really why can't I get into the pool in a pair of capris and a t-shirt?? There is something having children can do on the body that is do you say.....Just makes it not look like this girl. Especially after you have nursed two babies! Because mine don't look anything like this girls! LOL Are you thinking "Why am I reading this?"
So my hubby is wanting to loose weight and so I am being a supportive wife and doing it with him! Not only are me and hubby doing it, but my father in law and CD. We are all doing work outs too!! I don't want to loose weight I just want to loose the stuff that flaps a little more than it used to like:
*My arms in church when I clap.
*My stomach how it bounces when we hit bumps in the car.
*Not have to "suck in" to put on jeans in the morning.
*To walk out in my bathing suit and not be so embarrassed.....Can I HAVE A WITNESS??
So I am excited.....I really am. I am looking forward to being a more healthy me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

End of a long road

People always tell you how much you love your children. I always knew that I would. There was never any doubt that I would love them. I am shocked daily at how much I love them more each day.
I love this saying: "When you have a child it is as though a piece of you is forever walking around."
That is so very true.

So you may be wondering why is this blog called end of a long road?

Glad you asked. We have battled for Rylan's health from the moment he came into this earth. I have come to a determination that I am done fighting for his health. I am drawing a line in the sand. I am not going to let the enemy keep robbing my child's health right from under us.

Rylan had to have tubes put in his ears today. I was really proud of myself I didn't cry. There were a few times when we were there that I nearly lost it. It just took me back to when he was in the NICU when he was borne. There is nothing more helpless then to see your baby in a hospital bed. To you mom's that this is your life going hospital to hospital I don't know how you do it. I can't imagine any worse pain there could be.

I believe as our kid's moms sometimes we have to intercede for them. Sometimes we have to pray things that they are not yet able to do for themselves. Today as they wheeled him back to the OR I decided this is the last time I am going to be doing this! Never again will my baby be in a hospital. Sometimes you just have to get fighting mad at the enemy. That is when you will finally quit taking the stuff and start standing on the promises. That doesn't mean that we haven't seen countless miracles in his health a long the way. I just mean I am going to be more vigilant about praying health over him. Amen?

This is little man trying to come out of the anesthesia. Thank you Jesus that everything went wonderfully during the procedure. I am believing that he is going to amaze the doctor's at how well he will be doing in three weeks at his next check up.

So....This is the end of the road for me. No more blogs about the enemy stealing my sons quality of health. No more long nights with a sick baby. No more hospital stays! We are going to have our best days before us and we aren't looking back. This is a start of a new road for Rylan.

Crystal Sparks