Friday, February 19, 2010

What work are you doing?

I read this the other day and it resounded in my spirit. Jesus was about to be crucified he is praying to God in John 17:4 I have finished the work that you have given me to do.

Something inside me just resounded....the work that God the Father gave Jesus to do...that is what He finished....

How much of our life do we spend working on things that everyone else wants us to do?

How much time do we spend doing things that in all reality we don't like at all trying to make other people happy?

How much time to do we waste on things that in all actuality don't matter at all?

Think about the above questions. I think all of us can say that at some point that we have had one if not all of them apply to our life. Funny how quickly that happens that we get caught up in what others want us to do and somehow get lost in the most important thing of all....what God our Father wants us to do.

My daughter is in pre-k. At the beginning of the year her teacher asked me to be the room mom. I declined the position and told her that I had a lot going thanks but no thanks. She said ok. Only to ask me again the next week with me saying no again. Finally on the last week she asked and I finally agreed to do the job.

Women are so catty especially when it comes to their kids. The majority of moms have been wonderful. Well more than a majority just one mom has been difficult. She has not been so pleasant....

Things have really been a struggle with this mom and I. Balancing doing it "all " and getting it "all" done has been so much at times. Finding the balance with another ball in the air has been rather stressful. I was before the Lord praying about the situation....The Lord spoke this in my heart "When things feel difficult you are doing things that I haven't graced you to do."

Then I remembered the text I quoted in the beginning of this blog.....What work has God placed me here for. When you feel stressed, frustrated, angry even you are trying to do things that God has not graced you to do. Jesus said my yoke is easy my burden is light. That means you aren't going to battle those kind of feelings like you will when you are outside of grace.

I am here to be the best wife I can be, my kids mom, minister to hurting people, encourage this generation to be all they can be....That is the work that the Father has given me to do. How easy it is to get caught up in all of the other things that come our way and forget what it is that we are here to do.

What are your things that are pulling away from your time that aren't what you are here for? Are you doing the work man has made for you or the work God has given to you?