Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Look out Family Life Church's worship team here come the Sparks band! Rylan got a new set of drums for Christmas and he is determined to learn how to play before January 1st. Each morning I drink coffee to a beat it is so sweet. While Brailey plays away on the keyboard and sings into the mic. My hubby with ears covered is acting like he doesn't enjoy it, but the whole time is smiling from ear to ear knowing that the musical talent got passed down to them. It sure didn't come from me! The only person that likes to hear me sing is Jesus.
Really Rylan was a baby and I was singing and he told me "Mom don't sing just drive." Out of the mouths of babes. So it has been musical to say the least around here.....
We are also in phase one of a remodel. I don't know what I was thinking but we have got it all torn apart. You really don't think that you are a neat freak until your house is out of order and you are having to swallow down serious anxiety to just get rid of all of the clutter. I will be so glad when it is all done. I will keep you all posted with lots of pictures of progress made.

For now though it is back to work for me!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well it is here Christmas packages wrapped or not. Shopping done or not it comes. Every year it comes so quickly that sometimes it catches you off guard. Things may not all be done as you would want it to be. You may not be ready for a Southern Living magazine shoot right now. Every year what surprises me about Christmas is weather I have every detail ready or not the memories that are made always take my breath away.

Time with family is so precious in this time of year. I love getting together with all the family we love so much. Getting to talk and catch up on all that has happened since we last saw each other. My son getting to learn about guns with his great grandpa. This will probably be a picture that will forever bring a tear to my eyes.

My son being the wise man in the Christmas play. He took his roll so seriously...saying he "wanted to be wise". So precious watching him and Brailey sing their little hearts out. What will I do when we don't have a Christmas program to attend one day? Let's not think about it!

Christmas shopping to do and the rain was pouring down. Brailey and I decided it was time for a mommy daughter picture. When we got out of the car we ran in the rain. Who cares my hair got crazy our jeans were soaked but we laughed so hard. I will never forget the feeling of her little hand in mine as we ran as fast as we could to the doors.

When you have five kids and things get quiet that means trouble. We go look and all five are in the leaf pile that their uncle had racked. So precious. I am still scrubbing dirt out of places from that moment. They had so much fun.....Nana's house had a trail of leaves a mile long.
You see weather you have everything perfect or not Christmas is upon us. Why not just enjoy the moment that you are in right now the way it is instead of trying to make it your version of "perfect". After it is all said and done no one will remember the presents or the gift wrap. No one will remember what wasn't done around the house....What the will remember is the laughter, the smiles, the great moments spent together. Take time to enjoy the wonderful most precious present you have around you everyday.....The people you love.

From my family to yours
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Christmas like no other

In Luke chapter 2 is a story that will be told a lot this time of year. It isn't about last minute Christmas shopping. It isn't about getting what you want or didn't want for Christmas. It isn't about making the best green bean casserole. What it is about is the birth of Jesus.

In that chapter you will see it said twice Mary pondered these things in her heart. You see Mary had her baby in a stable. There were animals all around. She didn't give birth in a maternity suite at Baylor medical. She was in a stable. A stable means poop. You could say it literally stunk where she was. Can I say this where you are right now may stink. Things may not be going your way life maybe really hard....Can you do one thing this Christmas can you take the time to enjoy right where you are?
If this sounds like where you are I encourage you to listen to this full message by clicking here. I hope you too will take time to ponder this time in your heart this holiday season.

Monday, December 7, 2009


This Saturday is our annual Christmas party at Family Life Church! We will be having an ornament gift exchange and a free brunch! We have done this for 5 years now and we always have the best time. Saturday December 12th I hope to see you at Family Life Church at 10a.m.
I am going to be sharing a word about enjoying life today right where you are in the midst of anything you are going through enjoying that moment. The other day when I was reading my Bible I came across 1Kings 19:6 Elijah had just gotten done with a big battle and he had fallen asleep. An angel woke him up and in the amplified it says "behold there was a cake baked on the coals".
You know what this tells me? God loves cake! God loves to celebrate! He likes a good party! I think in the midst of it all that God was not only providing food for Elijah, but He could have made anything for Elijah. After all He is God. But God picked cake. I think in the midst of the battles in your life, no matter what is going on take a moment to have cake. Enjoy your life right where you are.
I am taking time this week to eat cake. To enjoy my life right where it is. God loves the party, and it is going on everyday of your life. All you have to do is take a moment and enjoy life today and everyday!