Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I love about my kids

1. They have a love for life. Brailey and Rylan wake up every morning just happy to be here. They are excited about each new thing that we will do that day. Each day is full of new things to explore and discover. Things that are so routine to me often times are the highlights of their day. They teach me each day to just enjoy life right where I am.

This is Rylan with Daddy on a golf cart :)

2. They have never known embarrassment. I love the way my daughter will just start singing and dancing anywhere we are. She is so full of joy she just oozes it out of her pores at times. We will just be in the middle of a store and she just can't contain it she has to sing and dance. Then Rylan is my little guitarist and drummer. Like Brailey he too just can't stand it and has to drum on something at all times. All objects must be tested for sound potential. They do it so unashamed. Where in life do we loose that?

My babies "rocking out" after a Chik Nite

3. Brailey reminds me everyday to be confident in who I am. On the way to take Brailey to school today this is our conversation:

Brailey: Mommy Mrs. Rebbecca is going to think I am cute today.

Me: I am sure she will honey. Even though clothes are great what makes you cute?

Brailey: My heart mommy.

So we get there and Mrs. Rebbecca is talking to another parent. Brailey will not walk into the classroom. The parent quits talking to the teacher Brailey lights up and runs into the classroom declaring "I AM HERE" Mrs. Rebbecca says "Hi Brailey aren't you cute today?" She looks back at me and says "I told you I looked cute!"

That totally cracked me up.....I love that she is so confident in who she is.

4. They remind me of the goodness and faith fullness of God. I remember when we lost a baby before we had Brailey. The enemy tried to tell me I would never have a child. I found scriptures and held on to them. I know what it means in the word when it says "for this child I prayed". They are a constant reminder to me that God will give to you the desires of your heart.

There are so many more things I love! My mind is overwhelmed with them all right now! But it is getting very late so I am going to call it quits! I will add more another day though!

Blessings Girls!


delighted heart said...

Yes both of your kids are amazing. I love the little cuties! They are such a reflection of YOU and the Lord. BTW your shining light is over at Trash Talk. Have a fabulous day!

trash talk said...

I love children. They only speak the truth-she IS cute. Where did they get those gorgeous smiles? Oh, I know! Y'all!!! Debbie

Debra W said...


Your children are absolutely lovely and so are YOU. I'm not sure when we begin to lose that confidence, with my four daughters, it was right around pre-adolescence. Something about peer pressure and all of the messages that the world tries to instill in them(ie. Jessica Simpson is fat?!?) really begin to infiltrate their little brains. And even if you try your best to shelter them from it, somehow, other kids share what they have learned. Very sad, but you have to teach them to be strong and confident in themselves. Continue to be the voice that counters all of the negative junk.