Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So it is almost time for another Chik Nite! I just can't express how excited I get before each event! Every time I think there is no way we could possibly top this one and somehow we find a way to do it! My Chik Team is so amazing and they have been working like crazy planning every last detail to our evening. If you are wondering what the theme is or what we will be doing my lips are sealed! All I have to say is you will be left in total awe of all that has been done!

**This was the setup for our Warrior Chik Nite!**

What I will say is April Simons is our guest speaker. On Sunday we only had 35 sold tickets to the event. Now we have 115 sold tickets pretty amazing huh? I am so excited! I knew that it would be a success but this is just really breath taking how much it is really gaining momentum. I just know that God is about BIG things I am so looking forward to seeing all that will happen Friday night!

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delighted heart said...

Hey girl...I blogged about Chik Nite and linked it to you and Chik Nite blog! It's gonna be awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!