Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sick sick sick of sick

Well yet again I have gone another week without blogging. I feel like such a slacker! Both of my children have been sick, and to make it worse my husband has been sick also. My niece and nephew have been in from out of town. Then my mother in law gets sick. So to say it short and sweet I am so sick of being sick and having sick people! I am ready for everyone to be back to their sweet healthy selves.

Times like these last two weeks makes me realize how very thankful I am for health. My pastor always says you don't realize how glad you are to walk in healing until you don't feel well! Well that couldn't be more true!

I have been saying healing scriptures over my house now for the last few days. And over myself might I add. I haven't gotten the sick stomach stuff that they have had. I just encourage you all to thank God that you are healthy daily. Quote the word over yourself. I am going to be more diligent in this. I feel like if I am we won't have a sick house like we have had here lately!

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