Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jesus kind of Peace

You know it is funny to me how Jesus was always able to keep His peace. When you read the word and see how He had all of these "Religious" people following Him constantly questioning everything He was doing and did.

From healing on the Sabbath.....

To weather He was the Messiah because He was from Galilee...and the list goes on.

Jesus never lost His peace. I just try to picture. Jesus, He knows that He is the one that has been sent to be a sacrifice for the world. He knows that He is the son of God. There is not a question in His mind weather this is true or not.

Then He is constantly questioned.

Life is like that you know?

When you really get what your dream and vision is in life. What it is that you really were created to do in life. Then it is over for you. You live life with a passion and a zeal to get to that goal. It is all consuming.

Then the devil sends dream stealers your way that want to discourage and dishearten you the best to their ability. This is what the religious scholars tried to do to Jesus. They would question Him in front of crowds about how can you be preaching all of this and never go through school and the list goes on of what they would say.

Jesus never lost peace.

He never wavered.

We have to be the same way. No matter how people may discourage you, beat you up, or try to drag you down you have to know that the promise (the dream) that God put inside of you is more real than any kind of doubt that they are telling you. Once you get established on that truth then nothing they can say will touch you.

I just encourage you girls to walk in the Peace that Jesus has given to each one of us. Walk in a knowing that God is going to take care of everything that you could ever want or need, and that the dreams that God has placed on the inside of you will come to pass.

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Cali Homemaker said...

I really needed this. Thank you, it was perfect for my heart today! God bless you, have a wonderful day in His name.