Friday, April 17, 2009

What every girl can't live without

I have been so curious what every woman can't live without???

What is it that you use everyday that makes your life a little bit better that you can't do without?

Here are some of mine:

1. Journal & Bible- I love writing notes, because I am forgetful. Bible because you never know when you might need the word!

2. Victoria's Secret lip gloss! I am so addicted to this stuff it isn't even funny. I have two tubes in my purse and will always have one in my car at all times!

3. Sunglasses. When I don't have a pair on me I feel so lost.

4. A super huge purse. I love big purses. LOVE THEM! Every woman needs one!

5. A BIG coffee cup. A thick one at that. I don't like the ones that burn your hand. I like the ones from Starbucks best because they keep your hands nice and warm.

5. Hairspray. Every girl needs this for sure!! I love love love hairspray. Bryan always says that I single handedly kill the ozone layer.

6. Jewelry. I usually don't wear bracelet earrings and necklace in one outfit. But I do usually wear two off the list. Of course I don't leave home with out my wedding ring on!!

7. Hand sanitizer. I love this stuff. Even my kids when we are in public love bypassing the sinks to just sanitize with "mommy's stuff".

8. Worship CD. I love good worship music. There is something about just praising the Lord during your day that just can change your life.

9. Clocks of some kind. I go nuts if I don't know the time. Most of the time the clock is my cell phone but there are times that I don't have that so. Clocks are all through out my house so I can know what time it is.

10. Crest whitening mouth wash. I truly believe I am in love with this stuff. There is something about the taste of it that just keeps me coming back for more!!! I love the stuff. My hubby thinks it is a gross taste. I on the other hand think it is so stinking yummy!!

So I need to well I GOT TO know what is it that you girls can't live without. Don't list like your car or your phone or your laptop. Somethings in life are the little things that make your life so much more wonderful. What are the little things that are around you each day that make your life great?? I can't wait to find out!!

Love you Chiks~
Crystal Sparks


trash talk said...

You asked for it!
1. My yellowboxes..I wish it was warm all year long so I could wear them 365 days a year.
2. Fabulash mascara..I have used it for, well let's just say since I started wearing makeup!
3. My favorite coffee cup...doesn't taste the same in any other.
4. Can Coke..not in a plastic bottle-EVER!
5. Jewelry and lots of it. My daughter tells me to put on as much as I want as long as I take one piece off after I get it loaded on.
6. Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I'm naked without it.
7. Coty loose powder. See #2.
8. Jergens soap. See #2
9. Matching underwear
10.My hair pick. I don't brush my hair when it's wet. I use a pick on it to get the tangles out. That's a little secret of mine.
11.White towels.
12.Lately, a visit with Bella.
I think that's enough about me for now.

Debra W said...

I love Burt's Bees lip balm. I can't be without one!

I splurge on La Mer products. They are quite pricey, but I just love the way that they work.

Your list is just wonderful! I enjoyed reading it.


Anonymous said...

Well, ok, some of these you may know:

1. I love coffee in a ceramic cup, and I perfer them to be thick cause it keeps my coffee warm longer and tastes better.

2. Victoria's secret lip really is the best.

3. I agree with Trash Talk, I love white towels, but I am married to it is difficult to keep them white when your husband randomly pulls them out to dry off a car.

4 My Bible you got me!!! It is the bomb diggity and I wish I could buy one for everyone I know (The Spirit Filled Life Bible) as the extra information it has is so helpful, interesting, and enriching!
5. oil of olay micro peel daily facial cleanser. I do not break out when I use it...and I am out :(

6. I could never have enough purses or shoes...and I love big purses, they so multi task. I can throw snacks and a water bottle in there and I can be on the road all day with the two things I need. When I travel they can carry a book or a magazine as well.

7.Jeans...I do not think you can ever have enough pairs. And they are so many ways to make jeans work...with boots, with an awesome pump, with a great pair of sneakers, and don't forget...cowboy boots!

8. eggs and avacados...not together! I love eggs any way you cook them...and when I go out to eat or when I eat at home, I am always thinking about how I can incorporate avacados in a meal...they are God's butter!! they make everything tase Heavenly!!

9. Jewelry, there is never enough! I love it when I have all the right pieces to accent a shirt or to pull together a suit.

10 Worship music...I never used to listen to it and now I am hooked! My goal now is to get some kind of connection from my Ipod to my car stereo like I had in my Scion, cause I am driving around all day with my headset on!

Love you bunches!!!!

LillySue said...

AWwww~ I so love that your Mom made a list too! Here is some of mine:
Above all: Jesus..Day and Night!! Then....

1. Telling my babies every school day as I stand on the porch and watch them get on the bus,"I Love you...Have a great day....Blessings on you from Jesus!". (even though they are teenagers)

2. A cup of strong decaf tea English style with real cream and agave syrup in a favorite mug!

3. Yes, good lipgloss. As I read Debra W's comment, I opened my desk drawer and wipped out my Burt's bees lip balm to apply. I have several different kinds I like and keep them all over the place.

4. I don't wear much makeup but do love my Cover Girl Freshcomplexion concealer. It is in a little tube/bottle and has an applicater wand. It works wonders on dark circles under your eyes and I have tried a lot of others!

5. Comfy jeans are high on my list too. I pretty much live in my jeans and fleece pullovers. I also love my Lands End brown suede slip-on shoes too!

6. A good purse is important. I have one that keeps everything in its place so I can get to it really fast and easy. I LOVE nice totebags. I bring them along with my purse when I have extra stuff, which I usually do!

7. I also have the "Spirit Filled Life" Bible and love it, but have switched to usually reading the beautiful leather bound with my name in gold version my folks got me a few years ago in LARGE PRINT since my eyes are not so good anymore. I do love going back to the Spirit Bible to get the explanation of stuff though!

8. I LOVE my kitty's. I have to have lots of kitty love every day.

9. I love worship music too. LOUD...and Celtic and Bluegrass music too, LOUD.

10. I love REAL food. Cashews, walnuts, raisins, avocados, fruit smoothies with OJ, berries and bananas....Green smoothies with OJ, Kale, Collards and bananas. Yumm! It makes me feel ALIVE!

11. Sisterhood! I feel so blessed to have my biological sisters and the gals who fill my life in my extended family, community and now here in the blogosphere. I am going thru a difficult year and I can't believe how God has blessed me with uplifting and loving Sisters. (Including you!)