Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just the things I think about in a day.......

Cotton balls....I hate those things there is something about them that just touching them makes my skin crawl. Just thinking about them makes me grit my teeth! Yuck!

Things I think about....Why is there cotton inside a new bottle of medicine? What does it do up there? Why are there Q-tips what are their purpose? My doctor the other day told me "Do not put a Q-tip in your ear!" So what in the world is their purpose then???

Why does a Rooster have the thing under its beak? What does that thing really do?
Why can I tell you where every necklace that I own is, but I can't tell you where half of the earings are that I own.
Where do bobby pins go? You can buy a 100 pack and in a month or so they are all gone and you have to buy more. You would think 100 would last a lifetime...not so!

(This is our dog Maggie)

Why do they say that a dog says "BOW WOW". Very not true I have never heard a dog say bow wow have you? What in the world makes all dogs love to dig?

Fashion-Who are the "they"? When people say "Well you know that they say that this spring this or that is in style". Who is they? Where do they live??

Sour cream and buttermilk. Aren't they already sour to begin with? Aren't they just sour stuff marketed as something else. So then isn't it already expired when they sell it then? So why does it have an experation date?

Why is it that you put two socks in a dryer, but only one makes it out?
Why is it I am 25 years old and I still can't remember to zip my pants after going to the bathroom??? Lol opps did I just say that???
Why is it you can have a closet full of clothes yet you still can't find anything to wear?
Why do men have this weird smell when the sleep? I mean really both my husband and my son have "the stink" when they sleep.
Where do those hundreds of birds come from every year that take over Wal-Mart parking lot? More importantly why do they always flock to my mom's car?


Lisa said...

You are too funny! I can't think of one answer to all your questions...which is pitiful seeing I'm 2x your age. Oh well. I've got to double up on the Omega3:D Your puppy is the sweetest! Love your blog.

trash talk said...

Crystal, I can only give you one answer to your many Hmmms? and that is Q-tips are great for getting the mascara out from under the know, after you stick the wand in your eye accidently!! Other than that, you are on your own. Maggie is too stinking cute!
You guessed it. I'm going to the auction Sat. morning!!!


LillySue said...

Crystal~ You CRACK me up! My family would die if we couldn't stick Q~tips in our ears!! I LOVE the shot of you and your girl.(I got braces today, heehe!) My son and I match with our robins egg blue rubberbands. I can tell I am going to need the wax tonight. (This is the third time I have worn them....I needed a little tune~up before my new retainer).

Chad and Crystal said...

Your hate for cotton balls is equal to my hate for small wooden spoons and sticks...I hate wood in my mouth - gives me chills!!! That and bones...OMG I am not a cave women so why do I have to eat meat straight off the bone - give me white boneless only please...

Anonymous said...

I wish you would do something about those birds on my car...crackles...they freak me out!!

I think they put cotten in the top of medicine bottles to keep it from making noise? or to keep the pills in tact? or maybe it is so they can make you think there is more in the bottle than there is...

I am with one of the posts...I keep Q-tips in my make-up bag for the mascara that I get under my eye EVERY DAY!

I don't know about the rooster, and I loos the one sock and pony tail holders and clippies to hold my bangs back when I work out...Maggie is sweet and she and all of her predecessors have never said bow-wow.
Your analogy of 'they' has been your Aunt Kittie's complaint since she was a teenager. Who are 'they'? And if you think those boys stink now, just wait until Rylan is a!!

Love you,