Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dream BIG

I believe in life there is absolutely no such thing as "luck". What happens in life is when preparation meets opportunity. That is what I think luck is. It isn't by chance that things happen. There is lots and lots of preparation that goes behind the moment that you see your dreams happen. All along God is working to make those things happen. When you are being faithful right where you are then God is moving behind the scenes making your dreams come true.

My dream is to one day preach all around the world to thousands of ladies. I know that one day God will open the door for me to do so. When I worship I close my eyes and picture them all standing behind me worshiping. When I step up on stage to preach I may just see 100-150 people but in the spiritual I see this.................

I have seen it so many times in my heart that this picture is so real to me. I know that this is my destiny. I know that one day tons of people like this is something that will happen.

I encourage each of you to go for your dreams. Realize that God has planted each of us with UNLIMITED potential. You know the only difference between people that see their dreams come true and those that don't? The difference is the ones that quit and those that don't.

I don't know about you, but I refuse to quit. I am not giving up never.

I always think of Joseph. He didn't know the week before his dream was going to come to pass. He didn't know the day before. He didn't know ten minutes before they would come get him to promote him above all the land.

I think so many times we see people doing what we know we are called to do. We don't see the years of faith fullness it takes to get that person to that point in their life.

Like Joyce Meyer. She served for years in her local church doing small Bible studies in her home before she preached to thousands. She was taking steps to her dreams even back then.

Same with Joseph he was taking steps to being over all the land when he was in prison. You see you just never give up you just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Never give up!

Joyce Meyer always says "Quit waiting for your dreams to come to pass. Act like you are already living where you want to be. When you start doing that, that is when God starts making things happening on your behalf."

Isn't that so good?

So girls lets start dreaming big, and making steps toward it. Don't let anyone tell you it is too big. Don't let anyone tell you it won't happen. You just keep doing what is in your heart. All of that preparation will eventually meet that opportunity!


trash talk said...

Darling, that's not dreaming...that's plowing and getting the field ready for God to start planting! You and I know that is what you were born to do. I believe that is His plan for you, so get ready!!!

LillySue said...

You are always so right there with what I need to hear! From now on as far as I am concerned...You are my Womans Pastor. I have my Pastor at church and he is awesome, but he is not like a sister. You have what I need to hear from the heart of a woman and I need that in addition to Sunday service. May God bless you above and beyond!

Sara said...

hey Crystal!!! i am so sorry i haven't been able to comment back to you until now (life seems to get in the way)...we do have SO much in common! i'm so glad you found my blog! you're little ones are just precious :) i definitely hope we can keep in touch through blog land!

as for this post, awesomeness!!! praise Jesus for the dreams He has placed in your heart, for we know that those are not there in vain...He will bring to completion the good work He has started in you :) keep following and serving Him!!!

God bless you new friend! :)

Liz said...

Wow. I'm speechless.

First, your dream is wonderful. I'll pray that God will help you make your way toward that goal. It's so admirable, and such a breath of fresh air coming from a woman. Most women seem so caught up in dreams that involve their looks; acting, singing, modeling, just 'being famous' in general. But you are an inspiration!

And secondly, I've been struggling with this very issue in my life... things I dream of. I cant tell you how much I needed this message today. You're a blessing!

Barbara said...

Crystal, I know God has a great plan for you and it has already started right here on your blog.
Thanks for being here with just what I need to hear. God be with you and your family.