Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy busy week!!!

So things last week were really crazy. Isn't it funny how just adding a few things in your week can make things kinda go nuts??
Well for those of you wondering....Yes I am still on my live it! Mercy that thing leaves me starving. So when hubby is gone I have to make a little peanut butter pie with my best friend! Or have some yummy ice cream! You know a girl still needs a little sweet right?? I know you aren't supposed to have sweets on a diet. BUT I am not on a diet I am on a live it. So I get to make up my own rules for the live it. Rule #1 is I still get sweets!!
So Sunday we had a BIG Easter service. There was a lot to do as when you are in ministry Easter Sunday is a HUGE deal. So there was a lot of work to make Sunday a success and boy was it! We had a total of 209 people there this Sunday. Seeing as how at the first of the year we had around 90 pretty stead to know 209 that is a big deal!!! We had a Easter Egg Hunt with 1,500 eggs and 5 bikes to be won. Our children's church pastors did a great job with that! Everyone that came had a blast! There is nothing like seeing kids squeel with joy while hunting eggs and bouncing in a bounce house. It really did make my heart smile.
So after I locked the door to the church Sunday around 3 p.m. I looked at my kids who were at that point very done with mommy working so much. My son was so sleepy he could barely hold his eyes open. I load them up and go home. I put Rylan down in his bed for a nap. Since hubby was there I looked over at Brailey and asked her if she wanted to do something fun with mommy. She screams YES!!!
So we load up and go see the Hannah Montana movie. It really was a super cute movie. I really did like it....and Brailey.......She loved it! She was squeeling the whole way through!

It is always nice to get that one on one time with your babies!

I always try to make it a point to get each one of my kids a lone and have one on one time with them. There is something so special about doing that with them. That way you can just love kiss and hug all over them and not worry what the other one that isn't in your arms is doing.

So that was our Easter Sunday. How was yours?

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