Friday, April 3, 2009

End of a long road

People always tell you how much you love your children. I always knew that I would. There was never any doubt that I would love them. I am shocked daily at how much I love them more each day.
I love this saying: "When you have a child it is as though a piece of you is forever walking around."
That is so very true.

So you may be wondering why is this blog called end of a long road?

Glad you asked. We have battled for Rylan's health from the moment he came into this earth. I have come to a determination that I am done fighting for his health. I am drawing a line in the sand. I am not going to let the enemy keep robbing my child's health right from under us.

Rylan had to have tubes put in his ears today. I was really proud of myself I didn't cry. There were a few times when we were there that I nearly lost it. It just took me back to when he was in the NICU when he was borne. There is nothing more helpless then to see your baby in a hospital bed. To you mom's that this is your life going hospital to hospital I don't know how you do it. I can't imagine any worse pain there could be.

I believe as our kid's moms sometimes we have to intercede for them. Sometimes we have to pray things that they are not yet able to do for themselves. Today as they wheeled him back to the OR I decided this is the last time I am going to be doing this! Never again will my baby be in a hospital. Sometimes you just have to get fighting mad at the enemy. That is when you will finally quit taking the stuff and start standing on the promises. That doesn't mean that we haven't seen countless miracles in his health a long the way. I just mean I am going to be more vigilant about praying health over him. Amen?

This is little man trying to come out of the anesthesia. Thank you Jesus that everything went wonderfully during the procedure. I am believing that he is going to amaze the doctor's at how well he will be doing in three weeks at his next check up.

So....This is the end of the road for me. No more blogs about the enemy stealing my sons quality of health. No more long nights with a sick baby. No more hospital stays! We are going to have our best days before us and we aren't looking back. This is a start of a new road for Rylan.

Crystal Sparks


Anonymous said...

I love you so much!! Amen to health and happiness for little bear. I need to come see you but I think I have a flu!

Carrie Nuckolls said...

I will stand with you on His promise for our children! You go

The Green Pea said...

May God Bless you and your little boy. Blessings, Sandi