Sunday, March 8, 2009

Peace in any time

My most favortist (I know this isn't a "real" word but it is to me) pair of heels...........Awhhh every girl has them! You know the pair that fits just right. The kind that goes with so many outfits.

My favorite heels. They are the brown ones. My dog has chewed half of the bow off. I have worn them so much the gold on the inside is completely rubbed off. The rubber on the bottom of the shoe is completely coming off. I know they look rough but with the right pair of jeans they still got the look!

I love these brown heels

Then there are my new heels. They are cute also and comfort they are ok. But the blisters! Ohhh glory do they ever leave a blister on the toe right by my pinky toe. Hurts so bad!

I was looking in my closet the other day. I was looking at my favorite pair of worn heels and the new. The Lord spoke to my heart to look at
Ephesians 6:15 and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

The Lord then told me.
There is a peace that I want my children to walk in that never wears out.

You see the children when they were in the wilderness wandered out there for 40 years. They never had to have new clothing or shoes. That no matter what growing their children did the clothes would supernaturally adjust to fit. No matter what weather conditions they were faced with the shoes and clothing never weathered.

Can you imagine 40 years without a new pair of your favorite jeans or shoes! Ohhh glory! That would be kinda tough I must say!
You see girls we are living in times that the world is in distress. It doesn't have to be that way for us. Sure the economy looks bad, sure there are lots of layoffs, and peoples values on their homes are significantly less than ever before. BUT we are children of GOD! Our financial situation doesn't have to be tied to this world it is tied to God's economy. Last time I checked God isn't on a budget with streets paved with gold. The word says that all our needs are met by HIS riches and glory Philippians 4:19
There is a peace when you begin to trust that will come upon your life. You will begin to realize that what you see is only half of the truth. That God is working on your behalf. It doesn't matter what your checkbooks says, because all your needs are met by HIS riches and glory.
Like I always say the word is either true or it isn't. I am going to take God at his word and let His peace come upon me. The peace that never changes, a peace that is constantly being renewed in my life. What about you?
Crystal Sparks


LillySue said...

I needed this post so bad. I will be going thru a serious family restructure this summer and have been so fretful of how I will live financially. God has been speaking to me for the past couple of weeks and your post just confirms what he wants me to know. It is hard to deal with well intended friends who keep saying, "How are you going to live, what will you do??". I don't know right now, but my God knows!!
Thank you and Blessings- LillySue

Amy said...

LillySue is SO right and so are you Crystal! We need not worry about things, because the Lord provides, he promises us he will, I've never known God to not keep a promise! AMEN?!

BetterChick said...

Crystal, Thanks for GOds word to my heart today! This is a scary time to be in the financial business, and I don't always leave my fears at the throne. I asked Him to speak to my heart today, and He did it through you!