Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One busy week!

My precious baby boy Rylan. For those of you that now us know that this is my bear bear. He is the sweetest, funniest, easy going kid I have ever seen. I don't think that it is just because I am his mommy either....

Since December 1st we have been battling ear infections. He as of this point has been on 6 rounds of antibiotics since then. He literally has gone from one ear infection to another. So our pediatrician finally referred us to a ENT to see about getting tubes. Sure enough he is going to have to get them.

So next Friday we will be in Rockwall getting this procedure done. It is really emotional for me to think about I think because ever since he was born it has been a battle for his health. From getting ill right after birth, almost having to have his tonsils removed to now having to have ear tubes. It is really heart breaking to hear him scream when we walk into a doctor's office.

I know that God is going to do big things in Rylan's life. I know that everything is going to be ok. There is just a part of my heart that is a little sad about him having to go through all of this.

So why am I telling you all of this?

I am telling you because I just want you to be thinking of Bear. Be praying for total healing in his ear, be standing with us that everything is going to go great with this procedure, that there will be all of the good results that we are hoping to happen.

Isn't this the cutest cake ever!

On top of all of this we had a big birthday bash for Mrs. Sue West at our church! It was her 70th birthday party! I must say that it was amazing! She is such an incredible woman of God! She was so surprised!

This is what Patti made for Mrs. Sue

With birthday parties, doctor appointment, and getting back in the swing of school after spring break it has been a pretty busy week!



trash talk said...

Covering your Bear Bear with prayers for his cute ears and healing. My granddaughter had tubes put in her ears (in Rockwall, btw) and it made a huge difference for her. Praying also for God's guidance to the doctors.
That Miss Patti is a clever woman...just love her!

LillySue said...

Crystal~ We will remember Rylan in our prayers! Jesse had a lot of problems with his ears too. I spent a lot of nights watching "Little Bear" at 3am waiting for the motrin to kick in. He had serious allergy trouble that gave him nasal/ear congestion. He ended up on Claritin for a long time. He grew out of it, Praise God!! The pictures are adorable, he is a doll!
Blessings- LillySue

Chad and Crystal said...

Poor Baby Bear...I had tubes in my ears when I was little. I think it is harder on Mom than it is on the child because I don't remember it hurting at all! We will be praying for him and for you!!!

delighted heart said...

Both of the boys had tubes...I remember Bo talking plainer after the tubes because he could hear so much better. Before it was like hearing under water! Praying and believing he'll come through like the trooper he is! Thanks for the photo shout out! Check out my Wedding Wednesday post!