Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to know that you are super sleepy!

So with this being Chik week things are always upside down. There is always last minute strings that need fixing. We had conference brochures that came in that were all wrong.
It was a day of just doors being slammed in my face of things not going right.
So I spent the entire morning on Wednesday trying to find a business that could print a large amount of cards at a reasonable price and have them ready by Friday. I did find one...
Thank you Jesus!
So then there was dress rehearsal for Chik Nite which went really well. Youth group that night to get ready for etc. So we had no groceries in our house. After two weeks of not going to the grocery store we had no food. My hubby ever so sweetly looked in the cabinets to see that it was day 6 and still no bread. So after church was over kids were in bed I slipped on some clothes to head to wal-mart with my best friend CD.
I am walking in and I am so sleepy every step is a miracle (have you ever been there?) It was almost 11 p.m. and my body was exhausted from the long long day. So I am walking up to the store when CD starts cracking up laughing. I ask her what is so funny she tells me to look at my feet.....................
It took me a long time. I was like what is so funny about my feet??
Then I realized I had a purple shoe and a brown one........
Ohhh my goodness I just had to laugh! The sad est thing is if she hadn't have said anything I would have never even noticed. I made her take a picture because I wanted to share this with all of you! I know that all of you have had a crazy moment when the day was super long and you just did something not even thinking right?
So....we got the stage set up today for Chik Nite. Can I even begin to tell you how much I love it? No it isn't possible tooo much for words. I can tell you that Saturday will be a post of all of the cute pictures from tomorrow night. BUT don't wait for pictures come out and have a great time 7p.m. Family Life Church 1400 East Loop 301!
At that I am going to get busy on some work for Chik Nite! I love you Chiks!

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CD said...

I love you best friend...mixed matched and are still perfecet!!! I can't wait for tonight...I just cant stop thinking about it and how much fun we are going to have!!!!!!!!!!!