Thursday, October 9, 2008

Goodness and Mercy

The Bible talks to us about in the book of Psalms 23:6 that "surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Sounds good right?

I have been at such a place here lately in my life that God's goodness so surrounds me that it is somewhat overwhelming at times. His presence and His grace are so astounding that I feel as though I just seem to be floating as I walk. The word says that "His favor will surround you as a shield". That is so true to my life.

So you are saying "What is happening that you are so special right?

As most of you know myself with a team of ladies (whom which I can do nothing without) and the blessings and support of our church started Chik Nites. Our first one 5 months ago we had 32 ladies this last Friday we had nearly 90 ladies in attendance! That is so great!

We held a three day conference at our church that was out of this world amazing. My sister in law Misty did such a wonderful job and Roxanne was a speaker also and she did well also. I got to speak the last day of the conference. The presence of God was so sweet in the place all three days. I believe ladies lives were changed from those three days.

Our youth is growing. God is sending us the hurting and the lost. We are about to have a HUGE youth event the 25th of this month that I believe will change us forever! I have been really praying in money to help pay for all of these youth outreaches we have been doing. Wednesday night after church a man walks up to me and says that he is going to give our youth 1,200 dollars!!! God is so faithful to provide!

On top of all of this I stepped out in faith and asked one of the biggest speakers in the Christian world to come to our church and she said yes!! I am so excited. I can't release the name as of now because we are still doing details.

Our church is growing with new visitors every Sunday. Our numbers are up and we have new families joining us weekly. God is doing such a work in our community!

So with all of this going on my husband loves me like never before. There is a connection in our marriage that is so moving. We are closer than we have ever been.

I say all of this to you girls to encourage you! Ask God for BIG things. It has been an avalanche of blessings in my life. I was so overwhelmed the other day. I told the Lord "Wow I can't believe that you are doing all of this for me". Then I felt the Lord say to me "Whenever you talk I am always listening, I want to give you everything you desire." How cool is that? The even better thing is that He has done that in my life in these last weeks. Just poured out blessings so much so I can't hardly contain it! The word says that goodness and mercy shall follow us. So everywhere I put my foot to I should be being blessed and being a blessing. That is exactly what God is doing. I feel as thought there is no mountain to big for me with God on my side! How good it is to serve such a loving God!

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