Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dress up time!!

So we are doing a big Costume Party with our youth this year at the church. We are having a rapper in and giving away a ton of really cool stuff. Since it is a costume party Bryan and I have been looking for costumes that we should get for over a month now. I have looked at so many costumes I could scream.

So yesterday CD and I loaded up to go find us a costume. You might say buy your costume online, but ohhhh no we are too picky for that. If we get something we want to make sure that it is as flattering as possible. If that is even possible. So we spend literally about 3 hours looking at costumes.

I don't know if you have ever gone costume shopping, but I must say it is quiet hard. Maybe it isn't for most, but for me it was. I think it is because I try to picture if I would ever be that if the answer is no I keep moving on.
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For example an Incredible. My best friend wanted me to be this so bad....I couldn't do it. In real life I am not an I can't pull it off dressing as one.

I forgot to mention about my hubby. He already found what he wanted us to be...

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So I find the costume (yes they actually had it), and try it on. Ohhhh dear does it look amazing. I mean I don't know if you see the gear that she has on but yeah it is pretty amazing lol. So I am going to wear the Olive Oyle outfit. Might I add that I don't feel as though Olive Oyle is someone I would ever be in real life she is somewhat whinny, and dresses well just awful! I figure though I am going to wear heels instead of brown boots and maybe add some pearls to spice it up a little. Now Bryan he looks amazing in his Popeye git up! With the bald head and his handsome body it fits him perfectly!

So we will keep you guys posted with pics when the party happens!!

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