Sunday, October 19, 2008

The most precious gifts......

Rylan my second baby......Ohhhhh my surprise child. Brailey was a little over six months old when I could not be in denial anymore. I was so sick all of the time, I knew that I was pregers. Time to face the music and take the test.....

As soon it turned positive panic struck me so was I going to do it. 13 months apart my two kids would be. I just was enjoying wearing regular jeans and then now here we go again.

The whole time I was pregnant I was so sad. Why do I seriously have to do all of this AGAIN grrrr.....I hate pregnancy as it is but back to back. It was like a sick joke.

I finally went into labor I remember just being relieved finally I don't have to be pregnant anymore.

That night I kept telling the nurses something is wrong with my baby. They kept telling me I was just being a paranoid mommy (side note girls always trust your gut). I knew something was wrong, but no one listened.

My sweet baby and I got all dressed and were ready to leave the hospital the next day. The doctor told us it was totally up to us on what we wanted but he would like to watch Rylan at the hospital one more night, but if we wanted to go it was ok too. Bryan and I decided to stay one more night and I could at least get a little more rest.

One hour later Rylan's O2 stat when crashing down. He went from my arms to being rushed out of the room. I could see the panic on the doctor's face and knew that there was something bad wrong. I all of a sudden realized how precious this gift is that God had given me. Now the Devil was trying to take him away from me. I began to pray and Bryan went to check on him. All of a sudden this baby that was our surprise I was having to fight for.

Rylan had to be week later we got to bring him home from the hospital. What a precious gift children are. I look at Rylan and often think of the miracle he is that he is here. If we would have gone home that day who knows what would have happened.

God truly guides our steps. There are so many things in my life as I know is in yours that you can look back and literally see the hand of God guiding you on what you needed to do.

I want to encourage you guys to look at the things in your life and be thankful for them. I hated being pregnant with Rylan. I didn't know how much and how badly I wanted him until there was a chance of me loosing him. He is such a precious gift in my life. I can't imagine living one day without him near me. Sometimes the best gifts from God come when you least expect them and in different ways then you first expected!!

God is so good to me. Thank you Lord for our precious son. Such a gift. Wonderfully perfect gift!

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