Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Every year at youth camp each kid comes of all different kinds.

You have the “Emo ones’

Then there are the “Jesus Freaks”

The first night the “Jesus Freaks" are down in the front just enjoying every word that comes out of that ministers mouth.

The others are sitting with arms crossed. They are determined that they are not going to change. That everyone here is just way off their rocker, but them no they are not going to leave different. They just came to eat the bad food, get no sleep and be away from the parents for the week. Then the last night something crazy happens every time……

From the Emo kid to the Jesus freaks be it 12 or 70 all hands are raised in the air and there is one thing that bonds us all……..

That is that we are so crazy in love with Jesus!!

I asked the Lord why this was…..Why? Every year these kids come and get fired up for God. Then by the next year they have totally forgotten what happened that week at camp.

The Lord showed me that there when they go home they aren’t being stirred up.

You see at camp you live in a bubble. Where everyone lives for Jesus unashamed. There is no bad music, no cussing, no awful t.v., backstabbing. They live in a totally pure environment.

This is why there is change in them. The people and leaders that they are surrounded with really live Jesus. This generation is so hungry to see people really live for Jesus. Not just half way serve the Lord.

When you are going to church on Sunday morning and then no more then get out of the door and you are cussing your kid out. What kind of message does that send to your kid? This is why kids are out trying drugs and getting drunk. They are looking for something to fill the void in their heart.

Why would your kid turn to Jesus to fill that void when you don’t?

Revival starts with us. When we start really living for the Lord that is when our children will follow suite. This is when change will happen in your kids!!

I know that this may step on some toes, but if it does then that means that it has an element of truth for you!

I love you girls! I really do! I just want us to think about the legacy that we are leaving behind. Which is our children.

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true! true! true!