Sunday, July 6, 2008

God is the same

I love how the Bible says that: "God is the same yesterday, today, and forever." This is so hard for us to get our minds around. People change all of the time in our lives. They may say that they are going to do something then never come through for us. Maybe they tell you that they are going to be one way and then they are the complete opposite. I am so fired up! God's word makes me get so excited!! So hang with me cuz I am pretty excited tonight!

The great thing is the same God that blessed Abraham, delivered Moses, answered Hannah's prayers in the temple, raised the dead, healed the sick, fed the multitude is the God that we serve today! This is the same God that is wanting to meet whatever need you have in your life today!
We serve a God that not only hear you prayers but will answer the prayers of those that diligently seek Him. That gets me all fired up! We have a God that loves us so much for just being us. Not for what we will be or when we act right, but He takes us just as we are and that is Good news!

See our minds can't get around this. Everything is so works in our life. If somebody does something nice for you, then you in turn have loving feelings toward that person. If they do you wrong you are upset. Right?! Don't sit there acting like you don't! lol I see you when you get all mad in the store cuz that checker isn't being very friendly, and I know how you are grinning from ear to ear when your honey brings home flowers.

This isn't God though. The Bible says "While we were still in sin He sent His son to deliver us". WOW!!! We serve an amazing God. His will is and will always be to see us blessed, prosperous, kids serving the Lord, happy, healthy. This is what God wants. He is the same always! I just want to get you all kinds of fired up today in the reality of the great, amazing, good God that we serve! You don't have to be in problems because the word says that "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but He delivers us out of them all!!" WOOO HOOOO!!!!

Lord I thank you that you stand by YOUR word. Lord I thank you that your word is true. Your word says that you want to see me blessed and living an abundant life. So that means I receive that which you have for me! Lord I thank you for miracles in my everyday life. Lord I thank you that you are the Jesus that is in the Bible. I speak to every difficulty in my life and say that it has to go in the name of Jesus I will be blessed in EVERYTHING I put my hand to!

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