Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Personal inventory......

I love that song by Michael W. Smith "I'm coming back to the heart of worship". What I like the most about that song is when he sings...
You're looking into my heart......looking into my heart.......
Wow think about it for a minute.....Jesus......Looking into your heart....

If we all got real for a minute and really meditated on that line & took time to think about what is in our heart. What is in there when no one is around no one is looking what are those things that are deep within us?

Around this time of the year I always think about goals I had coming into that year. Was I successful after those or not? Did I make the best use of my year or is there room to do better in the next year....if yes then how....
Every good business takes inventory of their merchandise so they know what they have. Shouldn't we do the same thing in our life?

Questions to think about

God: Am I......

Actively choosing God and His ways at every decision, word, moment, thought and step each day?

Consistent in my quiet time?

Daily spending time with God in prayer and Bible reading?

Husband: Am I.......
Praying for him DAILY?

Being a help meet to him?

Preparing for my husband daily?

Spending time with him?

Positively responding to him?

Noticing, regarding, honoring, preferring, esteeming, praising, admiring and loving him?

Bending or bucking with submission?

Being predictably happy?

Giving away to others what I haven't given first away at home?

Children: Am I.....

Spending quality time with them?

Praying with them daily?

Teaching them to follow God by my words and actions?

Home: Am I managing my home effectively. ....

with finances and budgeting?

with housecleaning?

(Managing it instead of it managing me?)

with planning meals and shopping wisely?

by taking care of needs at home?

Others: Am I......
Loving others correctly?

Serving others?

Preferring others?

Self: Am I......

Growing in my walk with God?

Eating properly and exercising?

Making sure I am healthy and give myself rest when needed so I can be what my family needs?

You see I don't think that I am perfect. I wish I could say I could put a big check mark by all of these questions as though I have done them all. But you know what I am just like you a normal person with real issues and real life comes along the way and distracts us. That is why it is so important that we look inward to our self and see what we can do better. Being a good mom and wife is a process not an overnight thing. It is a daily journey with lots of mistakes along the way!


His Honeybee said...

That is so good! I am gonna write those inventory questions in my journal and spend time w/ the Lord in pondering each.
I love what God gives you to share.....wonderful leader, you are!!! Praisin' God for you!
I am thankful for His love and thankful that He loves us so much that He keeps growing us in wisdom and stature and LOVE!!!!

His Honeybee said...

I may have to share this entry on my blog....I'll give you all the credit up front. You can be like a 'guest contributor'. Sound good?

Say It In Color said...

Yes, I think the Lord led me to your blog....words I need to hear when I get too busy....thanks for the prayers...I'm off to see my grandbaby for three days....yay!!! and get out in the, dear one, are the fragrance of Christ!! I thank Him for young women and families like you!!! BIG BLESSINGS....In His Love...sherry...oh, great post...need to note some of those things!!

LillySue said...

Excellent post! These things should all be taught to teen girls BEFORE marriage, household duties and children. I am actually on Facebook more these days...Keeping an eye on you there! Have a great weekend!