Monday, November 2, 2009

An empty journal

Whenever I pass them in the store I have to pick them up and look through them. I always flip the pages looking at the blank pages. I can never pass a journal without having my heart race a little.

I love to journal it is one of those things that just is a release for me. To put on paper what God is doing in my heart is something so amazing. What is even more amazing is to write things and then look back years later and see how God worked things out. There are so many miracles that happen in our life that at the moment we weep and thank God & even vow that we will never forget that moment. Time goes on and so does life…..and somehow we forget.

A journal empty pages. Empty pages just waiting for someone to write down the wonderful things that are happening in their life. Waiting for someone to write down dreams, prayers, and answered prayers. Waiting for someone to pick it up and read about all the good things that have happened in life.

You see journals are a lot like our life. We start out blank with nothing really. Just a cover and a whole lot of blank space that begins to get filled with time. Some pages are sad, some funny, some happy and some uplifting. They all come together and tell a beautiful story of your life. The beautiful wonderful person that you are.

I think of how I can’t help but stop and look at a journal and see all the potential. I see myself carrying it. I see myself putting wonderful things that are happening in it. I see my children reading it and they are inspired because the same God that did it for me will do it for them.

I think God is a lot like I am when He is looking through people in the Earth. He sees beautiful perfect people with a whole lot of unwritten greatness. He sees unlimited potential. He can’t help but see Himself carrying them through life and performing miracles that blow their mind. He sees them setting up landmarks for their children. That their life will touch so many with what will happen on those blank pages. He sees the funny times, happy, the sad, the wonderful, and the miraculous.

You see the great thing about God is He never puts us back on the shelf. He always wants to take us and use us. Fill our life with such wonderful things.

“Your life is telling a story make it one worth reading”-April Simons

You see we are all journals that are being read everyday. What kind of a story is your life telling? Is it good? Weather you like it or not people are constantly reading it. They are browsing the pages and seeing what is inside.


trash talk said...

Our minister's sermon was on this very subject. As long as we are here, God is never finished with us.

His Honeybee said...

You inspire me, Crystal Sparks!
I thank God for you!!!!

Say It In Color said...

I just read the last four posts and I needed everyone of them! I recently made a public comment that I was tired of churches that just tickle your ears and worry about the donations and membership falling off ...if they teach too much of the truth.....I have felt so bad saying that....your church and YOU GUYS are the church that we need it proud of you and that we have dedicated to Jesus people all around us....we need to see it so we have more hope....I'm just tired lately. Been praying and there is a lot of opposition when something good is going to come out! I'm on a "Christian" project that is taking a lot of my energy ....and it sometimes feels like it won't ever come to "fruit" or completion (I have a deadline)....just need to hang in there with constant prayer....reading your blog soothed my fears...thanks and bless you! sherry