Thursday, September 11, 2008


There is just something about football games that just make me giddy. I love the smell of the grass and the sound of the drums. It just takes me back to my high school days.

So tonight we went to the "BIG GAME". It was so wonderful.

Brailey was so excited about the whole thing. She just loved wearing her new cheerleader outfit. She wanted to get down on the field with the Cheerleaders.

Then there was Rylan. He spent the first part of the evening trying to catch bugs. He would just reach his little hands up high in the sky trying to touch the millions of bugs swarming around the lights.

Then he realized the game was wonderful too. So from then on he screamed with all of his heart to cheer on the team. He had so much fun rooting for the team. Watching the both of them was more exciting than the game. They were so into it this time. Granted the other times that we took them to the games they were a lot smaller which does make a difference. They so got into the entire game it was so fun!

The game was wonderful. Our team came in the lead in the last 3 minutes. Then with one minute left on the clock the other team threw a pass to a player in the in zone. We intercepted and won the game. Had we not we would have lost by one point. It was such a wonderful game! Next week is homecoming. So we will do it all again next week. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey best friend...bear and b-kay were so cute at the game! I had a blast watching them, cant wait till next week! Love ya, and your doing so great on the blogs!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, I love a good football game too. Your kiddos are to cute..


Brandi said...

thank you for your very sweet post and prayers!! love, brandi

Brandi said...

Cute pics!!!


I've tagged you on my blog! I would love to know 7 quirky things about you!

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