Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Time!

Well it was Brailey's first day of school. She woke up at the crack of dawn. She was so ready to put on her new school clothes. (Yes she is my child isn't she? lol)

She was so excited the whole time we were getting dressed. She had packed her backpack the night before with her first day of homework. We took pictures of course before we headed out.

The whole way there she was laughing and excited about what the day would hold....

UNTIL....We pulled in the parking lot....

She started screaming "I don't want to go to school!" "I just want to stay with you!" This continued as we unloaded out of the car, into the doors, down the hall, and into the classroom. I looked eye to eye with my little baby girl. I tried to explain to her that school is fun. That mommy would come back and get her just like church. With big tears running down her sweet cheeks she tells me "I just want to be with you mommy."

I almost lost it.

I had to peel her off of my leg to go to her teacher.

I went down the hall to the school office. Talked about school fees etc. Then went back down the hall to listen if my baby was still crying. She wasn't. Thank you Jesus!

So at time to pick her up Bryan, Bear, and me all load up to get our little princess. She comes running out the doors with those little arms wide open screaming "MOMMY DADDY!!"
My heart melted!
Then off we went to go take her to Dairy Queen. I know it is a fine establishment! Brailey loves their chiken and ice cream! She was so happy to see us and to tell us about her day.
So I ask "Brailey did you like school?" She says "Yeah!" So I say "Great! Well do you want to go back?" She says "No thanks!"
Little does she know Thursday she will be going back.

Ohhh and I know you are all wondering. Did I cry? The answer is shockingly no :)


Brandi said...

How precious! She is a cutie and I love her name by the way!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Ah! How hard...poor little baby! She is sooo cute!