Thursday, May 7, 2009

Funny things.....

Church nights are always crazy. I am the administrator at our church along with being the youth Pastor's wife, women's pastor etc. So every time church is over I am always flooded with lots of questions about things....

So this Wednesday was like every other. I had a line out my office door with people wanting to ask me something.

I leave and my head was hurting so bad. I was talking to my hubby telling him the music in youth started my head to hurting then I said there was a lot of people after church needing things.... I tell him "There was a line out the door". My kids are looking at me wide eyed.

I tell them come on it is time to get ready for bed mommy doesn't feel well.

We get in the bathroom to brush teeth and Rylan asks....

"Mommy why were all those people lying to you??"

Then Brailey...

"Mommy there was a real lion in your office that gave you a headache?"

Life through a child's eyes....priceless.

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LillySue said...

Hey Gal~
I should have left a comment on your below post. It just made me sad...It takes two to work on a marriage. It is sad when one has already checked out of it and the other is desperate to make it work. I did all the "supposed to" stuff for years with no interest from hubby. God brought me thru and is taking me to new places now. Christ is my bridegroom. Nuf said!!
It is so cool that your kids were actually listening to you, even if they both took something different away from it, heehe!
I hope you have a Blissful Mother's Day surrounded by those who love you!
Blessings~ LillySue