Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friends for a season......

I know you all know the saying about some friends come only for a season and some for a reason.....

I never did understand that saying until the last few years.

We all have meet people that when we meet them there is no denying that God put you together at just the right time! I can think of so many people that God just set us up to be together. These people are the kind of friends that from the minute you meet it feels like you have known each other for all you lives although you just met.

I am amazed at the people in my life that I have had like this. They wash in like the tide and as soon as I get used to them being here they are gone again.

I had a friend that was so close to Bryan and I we were the closest. Her husband and Bryan were best buds. Me and his wife got a long so well. One day her daughter got ill with cancer....We were there for them in the hospital down to the very end of her life. We prayed for them and stood with them all a long the way. The door closed. No matter how hard we tried they just weren't our friends anymore.

There are multiple other things like that, that have happened throughout my life. People that I stand with them in prayer I see God do mighty things in their life....then they no longer want to be in any part of my life....

Why is that?

Why is it that it is so God to have opened that door.....for the door to only close? I will never understand that.

Your mind does understand it, sometimes it is just hard to tell your heart.


CD said...

I love you best friend :) im here for you always.

LillySue said...

Wow...I still struggle with that one. I had one friend that I held on to thru the ending of her marriage, the fear of being alone. Fear of single mommyness, the finding of another husband. We were so close and talked about everything. As soon as I needed her in the same situation, she dropped me like a hot potato. I can still feel the knife in my heart and am at a total loss about it. I guess I was strong for her but she didn't have the strength for me and it was easier for her to turn her back. She was also a Christian gal. I have finally got to a place in this life, that I have to trust that God has got my back......friends will come and go. I wish my old friend no ill will, I know she must have had some deep personal issues to do what she did. She basically dropped me because I chose to NOT divorce my husband at that time.....and then one of my sisters, another Christian gal, shut me out for a while because I even had CONSIDERED divorcing my husband....Sheesh!!
I am so glad God has it all under control, heehe!!

Anonymous said...

Some friends do come back! I had a lovely friend in Highschool, I had let go for stupid teenage pride, only to find her over a decade later. I thank God for bringing her back to me, though we aren't as close as we were then. Another friend went Home without warning. Sometimes doors close, only to reopen. And sometimes... Well, sometimes they close, cause you went all the way with Him and he has some more to open for you.

Chad and Crystal said...

You and Erin are both girlfriends that I liked the momment we met! I love it when that happens.

Just remember people handle their grief differently. Some people reach out to others, while some hide away.

I remember calling one friend over and over and finally left a message like this, "I'm never going to stop being your friend so you might as well just call me back." *When I make a friend I intend on keeping the friendship forever... Well, she did call me back and told me why she was keeping to herself and the difficult things she was dealing with.

Sometimes people don't feel like sharing, but do still need to know that they are loved and thought about.

You are a good friend!

Annette said...

There are all sorts of reasons people come and go. Sometimes it is because it hurts to watch someone make a horrible mistake, sometimes it is just because people reming them of sadness, somtimes it is because people aren't good together and others it is because it is just time. Remember though, sometimes people we don't want serve a purpose too.