Monday, February 23, 2009

Trash to treasure........

So do you girls remember the frame I found?
It was my hidden treasure from when I cleaned out my garage. It was a five dollar frame I had bought downtown on the square.....Well let's just say only Jesus only knows how long ago I bought that thing.
So I went shopping in Canton to Laurie Anna's on Friday. Her shop is amazing, incredible, and just breath taking. Be warned though girls going with kids is quiet scary. There wasn't much room to move around due to all of the supreme cute things waiting to be in my home :D There are the cutest ducks that you have ever seen there. They are made of like sticks I think. I have been dreaming about them ever since. I wonder if they are still thinking of me. I think I will be going by Thursday this week to go back and claim them. They would be much happier at my house!

I love the idea of tying silverwear to the garland how cute is that?

Thanks Laurie Anna's!
click here to go check out her blog

So moving back along.......I saw a really cute wreath there which lead me to this garland. Well I put them together with a plate that I had in the cabinet and this is what I got!

I was and am super excited.

So that was part of my weekend. Did you all like when brownies met cookies? Well everyone around our house loved them. Two 9x13 pans later it is a total win that everyone who has come by loves the brownies. So with all of brownie eating I have been getting ready for Chik conference. One of the things I needed was a picture for the information brochures for CD, Brailey and I all went down to the square downtown to take these pictures. These are some of our pictures.

My little Brailey Girl! I wonder where she gets those poses from....

Ohhh and the shirt I have on in this picture well yea I realized after I got there that it had a bleach spot on the back. Guess that is why I haven't worn it in over a year.....LOL underneath it all no matter how much we fix ourselves up we are all still dorks from time to time! The last picture here is the one I picked it will be going on about five to 700 brochures that will have all of our conference information on it! March 6th is Chik Nite and we will be revealing our other two speakers! It is going to be AWESOME!

Love you Chiks!

Crystal Sparks


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Girl, I love it! That's pretty sassy, almost as sassy as your new haircut!

I'm gonna have to try that's low-cal, right? .lol

Let me know if you want me to hold a duckie back for you. See you Thursday!



LillySue said...

Crystal- Please tell me Crystal Sparks is your real name!! What a Wonderful name!! I found you thru RuthAnn's site. I was so blessed to read your wonderful blog. I wanted to know if I can quote you on my blog re: Dream Builders and Dream Stealers? I would give your name and link. It was so meaningful to my life and I would love to write about it too.
Blessings- LillySue

delighted heart said...

Love the photo! CD did good! I wouldn't have seen the bleach if you hadn't told me! (so don't mention it again! people will just think it is sparkles falling off you!) Can't wait till Chik Nite...let me know if you need any creative consulting (help). :-)

Kim said...

Darling blog! This is my first time stopping by. It looks like we have a lot of the same interests!

Amy said...

I just found your blog through LillySue! (funny how all this networking works!) :) Anyway, I love your blog, you are right on in your post about dream builders and dream stealers. Sounds like you have very wise pastors!

So, I just wanted to stop by and say hello!


Amy said...

I also just noticed you and your hubby had your Mommy Daddy getaway in Shreveport! How awesome for all thing things the Lord blessed you with on that trip!

I live in Shreveport, and it is full of the Lords goodness. Glad you had fun here!