Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jesus the HEALER

The Lord has been doing so much in me these last few weeks. It is as though I am having new revelations of God's word!

The thing that has been pressing in my heart is either God's word is true or it isn't. April Simons says that often and I really let that sink into my spirit. Either we believe the whole Bible or we don't. So many times people pray for healing with it being optional for God to do it. Even though the same word that led to your salvation is the same word that will heal your body. It is just a matter of do you believe it?

I mean really believe it!

My daughter started running fever the other night. I knew that this flu stuff that had been going around was trying to get onto her. I immediately laid hands on her expecting nothing less to the answer to my prayers. Her fever broke instantly and she woke in the morning totally better.

Jesus came so we could have an abundant life. The only thing keeping us from having that life is us. Everything has been done that will ever happen. Jesus can't do any more to make your prayers be answered. We have rights to everything we could ask. The only thing is do we believe it?
Since I have made this choice that miracles in my life are not going to be optional happenings I have seen 4 people get totally healed of sickness and things that they were battling with!
It all is because of one thing. I take the word literally. If it says we are healed then that is it we are healed. There is no stipulations. It is a fact and I take what I am seeing in that person as a lie. Healing has to take place when you take that kind of position on things!
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I love you girls start expecting MIRACLES IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE!


Anonymous said...

Hey Crystal,

Just Sunday I was commenting to no one in particular when I heard that this that and the other was going around, "We used to participate in all that(flus, strept throat, etc.)but we don't participate anymore." My kiddos started laughing, "Mom, you make it sound like a game 'participate'." "Well game or no game we no longer participate!"

Right you are!!!!!
It's either true or it's not!!!!
As for me and my house.....!!!!

Sylvia Ramos

delighted heart said...

No plague shall come nigh my dwelling!!! IJN amen!

L said...

You are so right. I have been struggling with illness for 3 years and feeling like God will heal me if.....If I eat perfectly, pray enough, whatever. But Jesus already healed me.

Leslie C.