Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning at the Sparks!

Yesterday was Brailey's Valentines day party at school. The thing I love most about being a stay at home mommy is getting to go to events like that! Being able to watch her have fun and help the other moms out is so awesome!

She is my little posser!

So after the party I came home and I just popped off to hubby and said you know this would be a perfect day to clean out the garage! He just kind of laughed at me.....So I went about my wifely chores for the morning. Then I went looking for him......He was out there getting it together to start cleaning out the garage!

So I went and got on the clothes that you wouldn't ever want to be seen in public! You know what ones I am talking about! LOL :D

So you are probably wondering how bad was your garage? Ohhh girls it was so embarassing. You know the commercial where the girl pulls her car into the garage and there is junk piled all around the car? That was me! The sad thing is I don't keep my home that way! I am a neat freak I would even say bourderline OCD. So everytime I would pull into my garage it was like nails on a chalk board for me!

So we spent the whole day cleaning. It was such a beautiful day the kids played outside and had a blast while we slaved! So one truck load of giveaway stuff and one truck load of just trash we have a beautiful garage. Our closest friends came by because it was something they had so see to beleive!

So I found this in the garage I bought this a long time ago! I am going to do something cool with it so that is for a future blog stay posted!

I got to thinking about my junky garage and it made me realize that all of us have areas in our life like my garage was. Maybe it isn't your garage cleaned, but rather your finances, emotions, marriage, kids, or depression. We never intended for it to get out of control, but something happens and we loose grip on it. Once it gets so out of control we feel so helpless because the problem seems so big! Never let your problems get bigger in your view than your Jesus! All it takes is a little determenation. Some support from those you love and you can whip those out of control areas of your life back into shape.

Ok so on to something else! There are only a few more days for my great awesome amazing giveaway!!! So leave comments for your chance to win! You for sure want to be the winner of this book it is AWESOME!
So what am I giving away?

Jospeh Prince's book Destined to Reign!

And if one chance isn't enough leave a comment on Delighted Heart because she is giving one away also! If you visit her blog come back and tell me and you get tripile the entries!!

So leave your comments it always makes my heart smile to know that you stopped by! Plus I love going and seeing new blogs!!!!


L said...

I left a comment at Delighted Heart and am excitedly awaiting the drawing.

Leslie C.

delighted heart said...

DO you and Brian hire out for garage cleanings??? I bet mine takes the cake for needing the most work! LOL....Soon...soon...sooon it will be clean! Got a say it before it happens!