Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the way to where you are going....

This morning my kids were in the mood for some chicken nuggets from McDonald's. They were about to go see some friends so as any "good mom" would I picked up happy meals for all the kids that would be where we were going.
(Side note since when did McDonald's stop doing the box for the happy meal? That is like fundamental memory all children should have! Ha! Now back to the blog)
I go up to the first window to pay. The girl working stops what she was doing and tears up looking at me. I think bless her heart she has had a hard day.
She then asks me "Do you speak?"
I am thinking hmmmm do I speak...well I did order four happy meals just a moment ago.
She quickly corrects herself and says "Do you preach?"
I tell her "Yes I do". I must say at this point I am totally puzzled as to where this is going exactly.
She then tells me how she was one of the girls that was at the school when I came and preached at the High School this year. She began to talk about how it changed her life. She talks about how she is going to school in the fall and working at McDonald's for the summer to save up money.....
I began to think about how some of the best blessings in life come on the way to where you are going....
I remember the first time I preached at the school to a group of about 50 teenage girls that looked at me like I was crazy the whole time while I poured my heart out about the love that Jesus has for them. They sat there straight faced the whole time. I was wondering should I even have come? Then at the end there was much weeping and ministry where girls lives were changed. Through the last 4 years I have gotten to go to various schools and minister to teens of all ages amongst other women events.
I was talking to a girl a few months ago that wants to start preaching to women. I asked her if she had stepped out and spoke at any ladies events yet. She said "Well you see the only offers I have received are ones to minister to groups of 20 people or so. So I have turned them all down. God has called me to preach to thousands."
I must say my heart broke as I heard those words come out of her mouth. She turned down a chance to change 20 people's lives because it was too small. What if Jesus would have said "12 disciples really God? I am called to save the world and you only give me 12 to minister to?"
As I pulled out of McDonald's I was overwhelmed with emotion as I thought of how one girl's life was changed because someone wasn't more caught up in the size of a crowd or the response of the people. I was just willing to go through a door God opened. Do I believe that I will one day preach to crowds of thousands...Yes I have seen it in my heart.
Although I don't know that will be the day I receive the blessings from God...Some of the biggest things God has done is right now....On the way to where I am going.....


Martie Abercrombie said...

Beautiful!! We never know when someone is touched...whether you are a preacher or a salesperson, we must always model Jesus in our daily life...We might just change someones life!!

Say It In Color said...

Oh, that is just wonderful and affirming, isn't it?!....the Lord blesses us when it is least expected....I love your story and may you have many more to tell, I'm sure you will because your heart is in sharing and giving! Keep on giving what you have to matter how little or how much....He can use it for big that one young lady!! What a treasure!! By the way I LOVE your colors and blog design!!