Saturday, July 10, 2010

I think if Jesus drove a car he would drive a UHAUL. For real I don't think that He would drive a Suburban or a Mercedes sports car or even a Lexus. I believe He would be driving a UHAUL.

Jesus was always on the move in His ministry He never stayed in one place for long and off He would go to a new place for a new thing.

I find it funny that the one thing that we as people hate is a UHAUL truck! It symbolizes everything we don't like




*leaving things behind

Just to say the words "We are moving". Brings instant sigh from the person you are telling then followed with "Bless your heart".

Why is that?

Everyone knows who Abraham is from the Bible. Abraham had a father whose name was Terah. Terah too was called out of the land he was at. He was called to load his UHAUL with all his stuff and head out to a new place. In Genesis 11:2 as they journeyed eastward, they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they settled and dwelt there.

He found a plain place. Can I put it this way. Most Americans find a "plain" place in life. One that is comfortable and not challenging where they can live there life with no real obstacle. All along Terah was headed to a place where he was called to and that was his destiny, but he settled.

How many of us in the journey to where we are going do we find a place that is comfortable. An easy place and we decide that we have gone far enough and we decide to settle.

At the end of Genesis 11 we see that where Terah settled he died. He compromised he stopped pressing forward. As people we desire a place to set up camp in our life a place to get comfortable and get settled in. Can I say this where you settle is where you will die. No one made Terah stop pressing forward. It was a choice that he made to stop going forward. That where he was, was "good enough".

You see Jesus never stopped moving forward in life. I believe that He doesn't want us to stop moving forward either. He wants us to constantly pressing forward. Paul said that this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind I press on! You are made to press on! Worst thing you can do is unload a UHAUL in your life and decide that this is good enough. Don't ever quit!!

Have you come to a place in life where you have settled?

Are you still moving forward in life?

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AWESOME word my friend!!!