Sunday, January 24, 2010

What makes a house a home

Well we have been ripping up carpet, tearing out toilets, painting the walls and doing all kinds of things around the house. It is looking so much better yet so much worse. Right now as I type this I am sitting on the carpet in my living room as some of our youth helped us move all the furniture out this evening because this carpet too is going bye bye in the morning.
It is funny though how a house doesn't feel like "home" without all the little mementos. You know your kids first pictures in frames that you bought when you were pregnant with them. The little stuff people pick up that reminded them of you. All the little things that make your house a home. The pillows on the couch the mirrors on the wall. Funny how welcoming all the little details are in your home....So what makes a house a home?

What makes your house a home? I can think of things that make each person's house their "home". For nana it is the sweet little old stove by the back door. The times spent out shooting guns with the boys, or the apple pies that are made at her counter. It is dominoes played at the table with Aunt Gay, Nana and Misty till wee hours of the night.

At Mimi's house it is time spent outside in her beautiful yard just enjoying all the beautiful surroundings. It is cookouts with yummy grilled food in the summer. Grass between my toes as we play baseball with the kids in the yard.

At my Grandpa's it is breakfast meals eaten at the bar with memories of him reading the newspaper sports section. While grandma does her crossword puzzle. Each memory special and unique in it's own way. Each makes you go back to that moment in time when you think about it.So sitting here on the floor looking around I begin to think about all those little mementos....all those things that seem like they are what make my house feel like home. When you think about it....those little mementos aren't what makes our house a home it is the people in our house. It is the tickle fights that happen on the living room floor. The fact that our dinning room table is always full with people we love. The backyard filled with the noise of laughter as the kids swing. All the decor is nice. I enjoy them....but the best memories I have of home is the people that are in my home. How thankful I am for my amazing family!


Martie said...

Awe, sweet memories!! I love you honey. I did not know you had posted....I guess I need to check in more often :)


I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you