Wednesday, June 3, 2009

K-3 Graduations, road trips, new members to our family, lake, and good times!

Well I have missed all of you! Things have been so busy around here! There has been so much going on! I took pictures a long the way though knowing that I wanted to let all of you in on what I have been up to!

For starters Brailey graduated for her K-3 program at her school....she is very excited mommy was a little teary.

Do you see my little baby up there??

Once again Brailey loves pictures.....Rylan not so much.

This was at her after graduation party!

We got two new members to our family two goldfish. One named Henry (my son's) and Little Miss. Sunshine (my daughter's).

This is bear asleep in the car holding the bag with his fish.

Brailey was so excited to get Little Miss Sunshine home!!

All of my family always goes to the lake on Memorial day weekend. So off we went to the lake to spend time with the family! There is nothing like getting away from everything for a while and just enjoying nature and your children!

Brailey will never pass up a chance to have her picture taken. Bear on the other hand didn't want his picture taken that day!

Then it was off to Bryan's hometown for his cousin's high school graduation! No trip to the farm would be complete with out hay rides, Popsicles and rides around to see all of the animals!

This is Rylan and my nephew Ian.

Rylan and Aunt Brenda

Ian eating his Popsicle!

My beautiful sister in law and her daughter Zoe and Ian.

So that has been my last two weeks! It has been fast and furious. Brailey's 4th birthday was yesterday and it was wonderful! We are having her party on Saturday and she is super excited! I hope all of your summer's are off to a great start mine sure is!


trash talk said...

It must seem like it's moving in a blur. I love the photo with Rylan sleeping holding the fish. That is precious. Of course, both of your children are just darling! Graduation is such an exciting time!!! Hold onto the moments with both hands!

LillySue said...

I just love to see little girls hamming it up for Mama and the camera, heehe! Glad to see you are having lots of fun family time. It is so precious when they are little. Holly and I had an awesome weekend at FarmChicks...She said she will always remember it.

Debra W said...

How beautiful your children are, dear one! I was smiling the entire time that I read this post. I love the little graduation picture. So cute!

Enjoy every moment!