Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The book of Acts

I have been reading the book of Acts for the last week or so. How amazing that book in the Bible is!!! The things that happened as the traveled and went is so miraculous! So in saying that it gets me to thinking about my daily life. Think about your daily life.....

When is the last time you saw something truly miraculous?

I can honestly say that there is a lot of stuff in the book of Acts that took place that I have yet to see. I know one day I will though....

You know God's power is still alive in the Earth today. The only thing that is stoping you from seeing it is well.....you! We can see those things. The problem is that we think that those things don't happen anymore. Let's face it you don't see many people that are crippled stand up and walk everyday right? So it is sometimes so hard for us to get our minds wrapped around such a thing. The truth though is this.....That is what God wants us to be seeing all of the time.

I challenge you all to read the book of Acts. All the while asking yourself....Do I just play church on Sunday mornings or is this something that I live daily? Have I given God everything or do I just do my time Sunday morning?

I can say this when you start giving God everything in your life that is when the miracles break forth in your life! That is when the book of Acts will begin to unfold in your life!


trash talk said...

This is one reason I am taking a short break from blogging. I want to make sure this is what God wants me to do. He always gives me the words to write and the last few days, words have just not come, so I believe I am to step away for a period.
As for miracles, I only have to look at Bella. When I read and see what could have gone wrong and other than her issues with nursing, there have been no major problems, I am just overwhelmed by His presence. For those who do not believe, I ask what further proof do they need?

Barbara said...

Crystal, what a thought provoking
post. You are right, there are still miracles all around us, but many times we don't or can't see them.
My heart is so heavy this morn for Debbie's daughter, Amy, and I found my way here to read your words.

Thank you for this post and your life with God.


LillySue said...

I think everyone should read this post! I am learning the same thing in my current Beth Moore Bible study, Believing God. It has been so powerful to me. God is so gracious not to posses us as Satan wants to. God wants to be invited and allowed to work in our lives. That is a daily submitting process to God. I have also learned the power of Speaking into action God's miracles. People don't realize the power God gives us to speak...Speak to your mountian and tell it to move!
I hope you and yours have a wonderful Independence Day!

cd said...

WOW~~so good! I love love love the books of acts and I got the faith..it will happen! Dreaming big sis!! WHy not me?? :)