Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A little game of tag anyone?

I have been tagged...well, actually I was tagged two weeks ago by Mrs. Laurie Anna's and have only just now been able to post. So, here goes...

1. Link back to the person that tagged you (see the link above).
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your entry.

Here are the 6 Unimportant things about myself:

1. All silverwear must be organized in the dishwasher. Spoons can't mingle with the forks it makes me crazy!!

2. I am always afraid of running out of things so I will use 3/4 of a shampoo bottle then start a new bottle. So that way if I run out of the other I will still have 1/4 in the cabinet. I do this with everything! My husband still doesn't get it.

3. There is nothing I love more then to have a cup of coffee and watch Joyce Meyer in the moring.

4. I love the smell of gasoline while filling up in the summer time.

5. Windex will clean and make anything better.

6. I am a scatterbrain. I want to remember things and be organized, but for some reason that just doesn't work for me. So don't trust me to remember anything! LOL

Here are my 6 inspiring friends that I choose to tag:

1. Warm Pie Happy Home
2. Sweetest Name
3. Cherry Hill
4. Beth Jones
5. Curious Sofa
6. Laurie Anna's (you don't have to since you taged me)

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