Friday, June 11, 2010

Then life happens.....

How much of our life do we spend trying to make things happen? I think that most of our life we try to chase down opportunities and open doors. We try to make a connection with someone who will help us out.... We try to impress people and make them like us when they could care less about who and what we are. Yet we spend all our time and resources trying to prove our self to them.... We spend countless hours trying to think of how there is some way to make something happen.... Why do we spend our life trying to make life happen?

I was reading the Bible the other day (good idea huh? Ha!) in the book of Ruth. In Ruth Chapter 2 verse 3 it is says this:

Then she left, and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers. And she happened to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the family of Elimelech.

So here in the story Ruth and Naomi are at the end of there rope they have no money resources and what is even more sad no hope from all that has gone on in their life. So Ruth sets out just to try and get enough to survive from what falls from the people reaping in the fields....when she happens on the field of Boaz. Her whole life changed from this happening.

You see all the time you spend in trying to make things happen will never come up with anything then one day God will line things up to happen and all of a sudden everything you want and dream about all begins to fall into line. So much time we waste in life worrying about what is going to happen to get us to our destiny when the God things in life happen.

Job put it best at the end of his life in Chapter 42:2

I know that You can do all things, and that no thought or purpose of Yours can be restrained or thwarted.

God's plans in your life will be brought to pass. You don't have to make them happen. Your job is to just be faithful, and keep growing in the things of God. Luke 16:10 says if you are faithful in little you will be faithful in much. God is looking at what you are doing in your small situation to determine what BIG things are to come.

Ruth was faithful. She was dedicated to Naomi when she could have walked away. She kept on doing what she knew to do. That is why things begin to happen in her life.

What are you doing where you are?

Are you being faithful?

If the answer is yes....I have to tell you something.....Life is about to happen for you!


Alene said...

Thanks for this awesome post. Spoke right to me! Missed you at the Round Table last night. Blessings.

Andrea said...

This is so encouraging! Thank you for always sharing from your heart and sharing the word the Lord has spoken and revealed to you! You are such an encourager and dream-builder to the body of Christ!

Anonymous said...


Sylvia Ramos

Anonymous said...


Sylvia Ramos

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! Best womens pastor i know! get it preacher girl u rock! love you, mff