Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All of the networking things these days!

I remember when I first started doing this whole "technology scene" with networking and such. At that time if you had a myspace you were really on the front edge of things. Then if you blogged and did myspace man you were like cutting edge. Then I started doing both and have met some of the most wonderful people. Well then "they" said that myspace is now the dinosaur in the technology world and anyone who is anyone does facebook now. So I got a facebook. So then I found out that tweeting is where it is at and facebook is good too. So I was trying to tweet, facebook, myspace, and blog. Shew! You have to have a full time job just to keep up with all of that! Can I get an amen?

So now I hear that tweeting is where it is at and that people aren't really big on blogs anymore! What is a girl to do???

To blog or not to blog? That is the question I had in my mind. So last Sunday I am thinking of all this technology madness and am thinking what in the world is a girl supposed to do and how do you know if it is effective or not!? After alll I don't just want to be waisting time on things that aren't producing fruit!

Well then a lady back in the visitor center at our church meets me. She then goes on how she came that Sunday because she had read my blog and that is what touched her life. WOW so someone is out there??? There are people that really do write what I type (ramble) about??

Sometimes you know that is how life is we get to running trying to make sure we are being effective and relevant. We spend sometimes so much time trying to keep up with everything and we don't even know if we are effecting anyone with what we are doing. At the very moment we feel like what we are doing isn't making a difference someone comes forward and says I am one life that was touched by all that you have done.

This doesn't just go for blogging, facebook, or myspace. Sometimes we in our everyday life think that we are just going to a job and doing our time and that we aren't really effecting anyone. Then out of the blue someone comes and tells you how you changed their life.

I think that is the moment that all of us live for. Deep down we all want to know that we had a positive influence on someone somewhere along the way.

So I said all that to say I am going to try and do better on blogging more often! I did say try though so no promises made!

Follow me on TWITTER!!! crystalsparks I would love it if you did because I do try and do that almost daily!! Love you chiks!!


LillySue said...

Hi Crystal~
Please don't quit blogging!! Even if you only blog a few times a month I so look forward to it!! I am on facebook but not very often. haven't even been to Twitter yet...Not ready for another commitment, ugh!!

Martie said...

Crystal, I love your blog, as it lets people in on the real you...just you and the silly things that touch your life. And I am really looking forward to your update, telling all the Bloggers how wonderful your husband is, what big changes have happened in your life recently, and what happened at church Sunday...with song!!! I know Lilly Sue will be so touched!!

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Blog on, sister!! Now i'm gonna have to find you on facebook!