Thursday, July 16, 2009

Digging to China

When I was a little girl every day in the summer you would find me in my back yard with a spoon. I would start digging everyday and work as long as I could. I was digging a hole to China. You are probably laughing right now. I was totally convinced that if I dug long enough and hard enough I would eventually be looking down on the people of China.

My mom tried to tell me time and time again that you can't dig to China. Everyday I thought "Today is going to be the day that I dig a little further and see the people walking on the streets in China and she will see that you really can dig to China".

The Lord brought this to my mind the other day.......

How simple our faith is in things when we are young. You see all of the facts said that you can't dig to China. The world is round after all. Even if it wasn't could you really dig to China with plain old dinner silver wear? Even if I did dig to China how would I get to the ground to see the people?

Somewhere in life we get bogged down by all the details to tell us if something is really possible or not. When God doesn't want us to look at the facts He just wants us to look at the word to tell us what we can do.

You see when you start believing God for something big. Whatever your China might be there will be facts that say it is impossible. There will be people that tell you that it is impossible. You might not even have what you need to get to your China.

The good news is God knows how to get you to your China He has a perfect plan (Jeremiah 29:11) All you have to do is trust His word and He will get you what you need to get there and see you through. So weather it is healing, finances, a relationship, dreams in your heart or whatever is your "China" I encourage you to get God's word on it and don't worry about the facts or what other say! You just go for it and see what God does in the process!

I love you guys have a wonderful day!


LillySue said...

Loved this post! I haven't been online much lately so I just got all caught up with you. I am so there with you on the personal testimony thing.....I want to put my story down in a journal. So much garbage I carry around. I think if I did a journal, I could let a lot of it go. So glad it helped you in your journey!

the undomesticated wife said...

This is a great post, and very timely for me. Thank you!

PamperingBeki said...

LOOOVE this post.